5 video games that nobody asked for a remake (and 5 that desperately need one)

These video game remakes were not received with welcome arms (image via Blizzard, Konami & Rockstar Games)

Video games, like all things in life, are subject to the passage of time. The game has become too old to play a few years after its release. It used to be that such games would fall and be abandoned in the past. But times have changed, and bringing a piece of media back from the dead is a common form of art.

Remakes give old video games a shot at a new life, allowing them to be enjoyed by new audiences and fans of the old original products. As such, some sports get to live through second lives. And yet sometimes, remakes are not met with the reception they expect if the re-imagined product isn’t up to the mark.

As such, it falls on the developers to create a remake that balances elements of the original game while also adding new elements that don’t detract from the larger experience.

unnecessary video game remakes

1) GoldenEye 007 (2010)


The original GoldenEye 007 was a first-person shooter video game developed by Rare and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. It was a genre-defining game that saw players take control of James Bond from the film of the same name. by award-winning actor Pierce Brosnan.

The game was a viral entry in its time and naturally received a remake in 2010 by developer Eurocom. The game substantially changed the script, replacing James Bond in the Daniel Craig version who was currently portraying the character in the film. Apart from Craig, the rest of the cast was also made up of random actors who bore no resemblance to the characters in the film.

The original film and story of the N64 video game were completely redone, as well as the levels were rebuilt from scratch. This removed a lot of the fun slickness of the original version to make the game more streamlined. Although it was a good shooter for the Wii, it had little resemblance to the original game.

2) Warcraft III: Reforged


One of the more terrifying entries here, Blizzard’s remake of the original Warcraft III, now stands as a historical monument about to turn its fans on. When the news was first announced, it was well received with the promise of new content, CGI-rendered cutscenes for the dialogues, and improved graphics.

However, none of these promises were fulfilled when the remake video game was launched. With a simple texture overhaul for HD, the game was the same old game, with none of the new content. Blizzard also stripped down the launcher for the original Warcraft III game, so that players could only play through the remake online.

Another bad move by Blizzard during this launch was to make all player-generated content proprietary property. As an example of pushing out a bad version of an older game that is still enjoyable, not met with positive feedback, this release should serve as a cautionary tale to developers seeking to remake a video game. .

3) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD


Tony Hawk is a series of sports video games for skateboard enthusiasts, created by skateboard enthusiast Tony Hawk. In a series that began in 1999, the series received a remake of Tony Hawk’s titled Pro Skater HD, which saw a pathetic seven levels from the first two games.

While the number of stages is a factor in criticism, the game also serves as a way to differentiate its core fan base. The game featured a new engine that changed the way most skateboarding coolness worked from previous games.

Fans took a very different route from its predecessor, making the game cumbersome and a chore to play. The game also lacked an offline multiplayer mode, which fans of the series had come to expect in all games up to this point.

4) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snake


Metal Gear Solid was a much-loved game, originally released in 1998 for PlayStation and PC. The game continues with the story of the previous two video games, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It sees the protagonist Solid Snake infiltrate a nuclear weapons facility, killing terrorists and freeing the hostages.

The game saw a remake as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snake, which was released for the GameCube in 2004. While a good game of its own, it faced some criticism due to it including a lot of gameplay mechanics that were taken directly from Metal Gear Solid. 2: Sons of Liberty.

Performance issues also affected the game, with large crowds in some areas flagging framerate drops. The level design hasn’t changed at all, removing many of the challenges and even ruining a boss fight in the game.

5) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Fans of the GTA series still love the original San Andreas video game, regardless of how old it may seem. However, fans were skeptical but excited when HD remakes of three older GTA games were announced. However, this was changed when GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition was finally released.

While all three video games suffered acutely in this iteration, San Andreas had the most obvious problems. One of the inevitable changes made was to the character design of the game. In the overhaul of HD, it lost many important details, giving the characters their iconic look.

In addition, the game had several bugs, such as rain physics, which made it resemble drops of milk falling from the sky, various clipping issues, and the distance of the draw.

If players climb a building high enough, the entire game map can be seen, with an endless void extending beyond. An existential crisis is not what they were hoping for when they boot San Andreas in 2021.

video games that are due for remake

1) Bully


Rockstar Games’ entry into an academic setting after the life of a schoolboy was a huge success and was received very positively by fans. He tells the story of Jimmy Hoskins as he continues his studies at a new boarding school called Bullworth Academy. Released in 2006, more than a decade later, it’s still a great game to play.

Nevertheless, the remake of the game will be highly appreciated by fans, featuring a new graphical overhaul and timely betting mechanics. Rockstar’s recent games have shown great potential to tell interesting stories that can keep players invested in their characters, and Jimmy Hopkins is a great contender.

While Bully was a great video game in its own right, the story certainly could have been improved. Set in the small open world of the city of Bulworth, the map is so extensive that even a good entertainment in a slightly larger capacity can prove to be a great option. As Rockstar is working on re-releasing previous projects for new audiences, this may be in the cards.

2) Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines


An RPG set in the world of vampires sounds like a lot of fun. With a class system and players able to create their own vampire avatar complete with various abilities, this is exactly what Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodline is all about.

Set in a fictional Los Angeles, the video game follows the player character as they are transported into a hidden world of vampires that inhabit every corner of the city. With a thrilling story about a plot to eliminate all kinds of living dead from the planet, the game lets players take on the role of their favorite vampire trope.

With a sequel in the works, this would be an excellent time for a remake to hit shelves, which can introduce people to the original game. While games like Swamp Song and Bloodhunt already exist in The Masquerade universe, nothing like Bloodline has ever been done.

3) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


The Star Wars Force Unleashed games were some of the best Star Wars games to be introduced in the late 2000s. The first video game, arguably the better of the two, was released in 2008 and featured Starkiller as the protagonist, a secret apprentice of Darth Vader.

While delivering a lackluster story, the game was still entertaining to play, as Starkiller had access to a number of Force powers such as push, grip, lightning, and lightsaber throw. He was also a charming character, played brilliantly by Sam Witwer of Star Wars fame. However, once Disney acquired Star Wars, the game and other expanded media were taken out of canon.

Yet many fans still want to see Starkiller return, and a remake of the original Force Unleashed game would be a great way to reintroduce the character to the canon. With a new storyline to fit the new lore, Starkiller could still function in Star Wars, serving as an origin story for Rebel Alliance and Galactic Warfare in the same way as the original game.

4) Darksiders


The original Darksiders, seeing the cavalry of the apocalypse, battle, went out to answer the call. The game saw a third-person hack and slash perspective, featuring some fun combat and great set pieces between adaptations of the biblical end of the world.

The game’s sequel saw the other riders of the apocalypse, namely Death, Fury and Strife, take the stage as playable protagonists.

With the mainline Darksiders game a few years away from its release, a good remake of the original game could put the series in the limelight again. The best thing about this game was the combat, which improved significantly in the third game after THQ Nordic acquired the IP.

A remake of the first video game, with a better-written storyline and good combat, will be an excellent experience for fans of the series, who will be happy to play as Warfare again.

5) GoldenEye 007


With an entry similar to the first entry on this list, GoldenEye 007 is a video game that still needs a proper remake. This may soon become a reality. With more than a few leaks available on the Internet, several clues point to the fact that original developer Rare was working on bringing this N64 Classic to the new console.

One of the most recent news is a list of achievements that made their way to Xbox’s official site, leading many to believe the game is almost complete. While much of it was cared for at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase events, GoldenEye 007 didn’t make an appearance. Nevertheless, many are still hoping that it may appear at a future Nintendo Direct event.

As Rare continues to evolve, it looks like it’s in good hands, likely a loyal entertainer and fans old and new can enjoy. The essential element will be maintaining the simplicity of the core, while allowing players to explore the levels at their leisure, with possible added support for online multiplayer.

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