5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022

The fitness industry loves a new trend and when it comes to wellness, we’re predicting these will be the trends that not only cause a stir, but also have staying power.

As 2021 begins to close its mortal coil, we once again turn to the new year with its hopes and promises. These empty days of the calendar are times for reflection and self-evaluation, they are days to sit down and be honest with ourselves, to think about the lofty goals we set months ago and those we bargained with in the interim Might be possible . With a blank New Year’s slate, it’s only natural that our minds look to set some resolutions once again and, if you’re like most of the population, it’s fair to say that some – if not most – of these – Fitness, health and wellness will revolve around. After all, if we’ve learned anything in 2021, it’s that our health is our priority.

While it’s safe to say that the fitness industry loves a trend, most come and go faster than the viral TikTok dance craze. And while this can lead to some excitement, when it comes to committing to a routine, we gravitate toward tendencies that have staying power. Luckily, the new year promises to deliver a variety of wellness trends that will surely be excited. From sexual wellness to adaptogenic drinks and fitness, here are the biggest trends we predict will be everywhere in 2022.

5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022


In Whole Foods Market’s Trend Council’s annual Top 10 Food Trends list, this word came to the foreground: Reducetarianism. You may have heard of paleo and keto, but this new trend is about reducing our impact on the planet and paying more attention to the types of foods we eat. And when you consider the climate crisis and the need for immediate and permanent action, that’s a pretty good start.

If you’re a plant-curious or someone who cuts down on meat intake but isn’t ready to give up on it entirely, reducing is an excellent place to start. This means reducing the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs without completely eliminating them. And, when you do opt for animal products, it encourages you to think more carefully about your choices, such as choosing premium grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs.

5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022

adaptogenic drink

You may have frequented local supermarkets to see shelves stocked with the usual liquors sporting new varieties of non-alcoholic beverages. Reflecting the rise in the sober-curious mindset, more and more people are turning to non-alcoholic beverages and now, it appears that adaptogenic drinks will be the next big thing. If you’re not familiar with adaptogenic drinks, adaptogens basically help your body adapt to stress and other diseases. With herbs, roots, and mushrooms having a moment, it makes sense that we’ll next see the rise of adaptogens. While they don’t necessarily eliminate stress, they do help you better deal with situations that can be stressful by regulating hormones.

5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022


In previous years, hiking was considered as an old man’s activity, but now things have changed. When the lockdown saw us all indoors and unable to go outside or travel outside a five kilometer radius of our homes, the outside world suddenly started calling us and now, it is safe to say that now we Won’t take it lightly. In 2022, it is predicted that outdoor fitness will be the biggest trend, and more people will seek adventure through activities such as hiking.

5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022

immune health

We haven’t become so acutely aware of our immune health until now, and it’s set to become a buzzword for 2022 with things like “immune-boosting” products. But while immune health is largely promoted from the early part of life and we may not be able to do a complete overhaul, there are still things we can implement to help with this and ensure that Can increase our immunity. Consider eating healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, and taking care of gut health.

5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022

sexual wellness

Ah, the rise of sexual wellness – something we can all take for granted. Where it used to be that we left high school clueless about the issues of intimacy, arousal, and our own desire, now many sex influencers want to remove the stigma surrounding topics like sex and make sure we don’t know what we already do. Know more about affirmative consent than ever before. This coincided with the growing popularity in sex toys, with many celebrities now entering the market. In 2022, it is believed that sexual wellness will be a hot topic, seen as an important part of self-care. According to a 2020 report by pleasure product brand Tenga, 84 percent of Americans now identify masturbation as self-care, compared to just 44 percent in 2016.


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