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6 foolproof tips for washing dishes, pots and iron in less time

For those of us whose main language of love is work and responsibilities and details, the delicious shelter at home and enjoying it with those we love the most brings us happiness, joy and peace that is difficult to describe, which quickly fades when we peek into it. We save the kitchen mount and wait for its dirty battery cleaning. Everything seemed so beautiful!

The sad story is that this is a task that will not be postponed or left for tomorrow, since not cleaning food debris will not attract insects and pests. Now, aren’t there faster, more efficient and easier ways to wash dishes? Fortunately, it is! In this article we tell you 6 foolproof tips so that you can achieve it and not spend long hours behind the counter.

How can the dishes be washed faster, and without much effort?

Washing dishes, utensils, glasses and kitchen is a household task that is repeated endlessly, not once, but several times a day! And although it is not complicated – even a child can do it – when there are many visitors, having to go to them, and not having help, becomes a real headache. The same thing happens when we are not overwhelmed by the daily work and care that is required at home.

Don’t break your head thinking where to start! If you still do not have a washing machine at home, it is not necessary to fall into the drama and lethal laziness, it is better to attack this monster of cleverness and speed, so that it does not steal your precious time and follow these instructions to be correct, simple and faster. wash dishes

Whatever you use, stop it

Have you ever heard the saying: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”? Well, in this case it fits perfectly, because the longer you wait, the more the residual material will adhere. In addition, it is very inconvenient to get up in the morning and look at a pile of dirty dishes, not to find a clean spoon like sugar for coffee or to wet your hands from the first hours of the day.

As soon as it cooks, soak pots and pans after cooking to make it easier to wash them together with the dishes after eating. Believe me, getting up in the morning and having a clean and tidy kitchen is an incomparable feeling of harmony.

Warning! Although tempting, don’t pile up dirty dishes, which will cause the bottom to get even dirtier.

Throw away large debris

Don’t make the grave mistake of throwing a bowl of olives, bay leaves, or chicken bones. Before you open your mouth, separate and dispose of the waste so that it does not slow down the drain, pour out dirty water and fill your elbows with dirt.

Sort and insert before you start

Believe it or not, organizing your utensils and objects from cleanest to dirtiest will make this all easier. The question is: how to do it? It is simple to follow these steps;

  • Steep pots and pans and burners on one side.
  • First, they wash the glasses and glasses so that they do not fill with grease from the glasses and plates.
  • Continue with plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery.
  • Finally, when the remains are stuck to the softened pots, finish by washing what is soaked.
  • Use warm water

    Hot water is ideal for softening food, removing seasonings, reducing fat and destroying bacteria, so if you have the ability, don’t hesitate to wash the dishes with hot water and the stains will disappear in seconds.

    Make your super clean

    Common soap has many qualities for removing dirt, we have no doubt, but if you mix it with vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, it will increase its power and it will be much fatter. easier

    Note: if the pots or pans remain at the bottom, put them on the heat for 20 minutes with water, vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda.

    I will wash it inside, then wash it

    But by all means waste the water, on the contrary, make a lather and when everything has been dissolved, wash all the pieces that you wash under the river. Thus the lower ones will become clearer as the water falls. An intelligent attitude with which you can achieve substantial savings in water, time and effort.

    And don’t forget to protect your hands with rubber gloves! Especially if you plan to infuse fruit in the fall, avoid damaging your skin with harmful chemicals, don’t burn yourself with hot water, and avoid slippery dishes. We also suggest replacing the sponge at least once a month, as fungus and bacteria accumulate and lose shape over time.

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