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6 questions and answers about diabetes

Can a young person get type 2 diabetes?

Each person has an individual tendency to develop diabetes based on the ability of their pancreas to secrete insulin. Although, Obesity can accelerate the development of the disease in genetically predisposed people.

This means that, even if you are predisposed, you can delay its appearance (or prevent its development) with proper diet and regular physical exercise.

The problem is that children now lead a more sedentary life (they watch more television, play more on consoles instead of going out …) and follow a poor diet (abuse of fast food, excess of calories it occurs.. .).

All this leads to obesity, which can further lead to the development of diabetes.

for the above, Cases of diabetes are coming to the fore at a young age, Even in teenagers.

To prevent this, control of food and drink is necessary. But it also helps prevent it from getting worse in the early stages, and even when you’ve already had to resort to medication, these habits help you respond better to treatment.

Prevention should be practiced at every age Since, in the long term, excess glucose always causes complications, as it damages the arteries and blood vessels (eyes, kidneys, heart), nerves… Preventing it (or controlling it) is avoided.

Is it good to exercise if I have diabetes?

Exercise is not only one of the fundamental factors for control diabetes but also to improve other related pathologies that people often suffer from, such as obesity, hypertension or hypercholesterolemia.

The benefits of exercise are many, because Increases glucose utilization by muscles, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers daily insulin requirements o Allows to reduce the dose of oral antidiabetic drugs.

In addition, it helps in controlling weight, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing the incidence of heart diseases, and improving mental health.

Any type of exercise is good and, although it is true that in the case of diabetes, aerobic exercise (walking, cycling) is classically recommended, Recent recommendations also consider the benefits of anaerobic or resistance exercise. (weights, short sprint races, etc.).

With regard to nutrition, a specific diet is not currently recommended for people with diabetes (recommendations are the same as for people without diabetes). The main thing is to adhere to the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

Yes, there are specific recommendations if, in addition to diabetes, there is hypertension (reduce salt), hypercholesterolemia (reduce fat) or obesity (control calorie intake). The secret is to vary the menus and try to adapt them for dinner for the whole family.

What type of moderate exercise is best for people with type 2 diabetes?

Exercise is considered to be of moderate intensity if you notice you have a quick rhythm of breathing, Yes actually, without getting out of breath.

  • another hint that tells you a few minutes later of activity you start sweating

Starting the exercise in a relaxed, smooth manner is most recommended in these cases. It is important that it does not cause excessive fatigue nor the presence of shoelaces or other “disabling” side effects who pushes to give up good intentions In the first exchange.

  • you’re interested in turning up the intensity a lot Progressive, but persistent.

consistency is more important than intensity extremely limited in time.

medical guidelines state that the above 3 times a week, in sessions of 30-45 minutes is enough.

but they also say that, if instead of 3, they are 5 o 7; and instead of 30 we practice sports 45 minutes or an hour per semester, better than better

Can bariatric surgery improve type 2 diabetes?

Actually, metabolic surgery is much more than a “surgical intervention”. Other than this Allows you to lose weight as it reduces stomach capacity and intestinal absorption (Various techniques are used for this, chosen according to the case), after this surgery gut hormones change (incretins) and bile acids.

Thus, in many cases Corrects insulin resistance characteristic of type 2 diabetes.

Similarly, with bariatric surgery techniques are applied to patients with type 2 diabetes, Changes in the behavior of two hormones related to appetite:

  • production declines ghrelin and that makes The feeling of constant hunger disappears.
  • it improves the performance of leptinincreased metabolic expenditure and allowing more “burn” of calories.
  • except, The intestinal microbiota is usually restored (Good microbes that live in our gut and digest what we eat).

it interfered Other beneficial effects on health Beyond those strictly related to weight, such as:

  • resolution or improvement of arterial hypertension
  • high cholesterol (dyslipemia)
  • sleep apnea,
  • problems of osteoarthritis
  • Or Fatty liver.

for all this, Metabolic surgery a step into the future And it is also indicated in patients with grade I obesity (with a body mass index greater than 30) and who cannot control their type 2 diabetes.

the data tells us Achieve complete remission in more than 80% of patients, Eliminating insulin dependence.

What is the glycemic index and what is it for?

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure used to determine the amount of carbohydrates in a food, not based on the number of calories it contains. How do they affect our blood sugar levels after digestion. One measure that people with diabetes should keep in mind.

food group more recommended is with one glycemic index less than 55, If a food index more than 70 it means that Rapidly Raises Glucose Levels, It can be harmful, especially for people diabetes, as it can cause a sudden increase in blood sugar. On the other hand, products with a low glycemic index produce slower absorption.

There are many foods that are best don’t abuse In form of SugarThe HoneyThe white breadThe mashed potatoes And this white rice Because their glycemic index is high. On the other hand, whole wheat bread, brown rice and legumes contain less. In general, refined and processed foods have a higher glycemic index than whole grain products.

It should be taken into account that the GI of a food depends on the type of carbohydrate and sugar in its starches but also on:

  • How do you add it: Consuming different food is not the same as compared to a mixed diet. If you eat a sandwich of whole wheat bread and Manchego cheese, the combination of a food rich in fat and protein lowers the overall GI. Fiber also makes it leaner.
  • How do you prepare it: If you overcook pasta, potatoes or any other grain, its GI increases. Also, the value varies depending on whether it is fresh, canned or processed food.
  • Your Metabolism: The glycemic index of a food can be different for each person, depending on how your body processes carbohydrates.

Can you eat carrots in case of diabetes?

this vegetable is very Recommended for diabetics… as long as they eat it raw. Why is this a good option? Among other things, because you’re consuming it this way A good dose of vitamin C without resorting to fruit May be there is more sugar in it.

In the raw, what’s more, Very low glycemic index (GI) and consequently, sugar level in the blood They will be more stable.

If you cook it Although, your GI goes up, that is, their sugar goes into the blood more quickly, something that you are not interested

although it is also true cooked, its beta-carotene is better assimilated, Even more so with a drizzle of olive oil. But that, in your case, is a secondary issue.

another advantage eat it raw, high in fiber, satisfies Contribution of certain calories to the diet.

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