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6 ways to make mental health a priority and feel better, according to experts

One thing’s for sure: You can’t have health without good mental health, At this point, we have practically mastered the theory, but putting it into practice is another matter.

we know we have to take care of mental healthBut we rarely give it the importance it deserves in our list of daily priorities. We can tirelessly share motivational messages on social networks, but it is another thing to apply them in our own lives. there are many ways to prioritize our emotional well-being On a daily basis – as experts say, ‘mental health is taken care of from the moment we wake up’ – but small changes can be made to value it initially. Hence, we share 6 tips that you must follow to achieve it.

think positive and exercise

Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be anything new, but with the frenzy of daily routines, we leave it to the end, with the risk that that ‘me moment’ will never come. For this reason, experts recommend making room in the agenda for comfort and respect. ‘If it is not on your priority list, you will not value it’. Once you make comfort a priority, you can create a flexible structure with positive attitude And specially set aside time for work and rest, and if a work opportunity comes, you can fix the rest time later because you will recover the working hours. That moment of self-care doesn’t have to be in the form of big plans, you can indulge in simple pleasures like reading, giving yourself a massage, meditating, taking an exercise class, eating something delicious… The key, as experts point out, is a Keep positive mind which nourishes us and it is not a hindrance. It’s not always easy, but you have to try.

Give yourself a dose of guilt-free self-care

I firmly believe in the phrase that says ‘self care is not a luxury, but a priority’, but every so often I decide to stop and relax to take care of myself emotional well-being I can’t help but feel a little guilty. I propose to remember a phrase that psychologist Sarah Noheda told me: ‘As long as I think I can help. If I’m not well, I have nothing to give. It all starts with me. This is not an egoistic approach but a realistic approach. And when I find it hard to believe, I will repeat to myself another phrase from Ana Gutierrez Lasso: ‘Generosity is not the highest proof of heroism, but what I have and what makes me happy. Therefore, the more I have of what makes me happy, the more likely I am to be generous.’

work productively

It’s not about procrastination as a lifestyle – postponing things until tomorrow isn’t good for mental health as a rule – but it’s about lightening the ‘I have to’s’ on the agenda and knowing that what is preventable our mental health,

As Lucia Morales shared, it’s separating priority tasks that can’t be put off — what’s urgent becomes a priority if it’s not resolved in time — from those that can wait. Huh. “There is always something to do, our life is becoming more and more complicated, learn to figure out what should not happen today and what can be done during the week,” explains psychologist Ibana Hijosa. No one said it was easy, but it’s about making a mindset change in which you organize your priorities, you put yourself first and you know that even if you don’t do one of those things or leave it for another day, it does not go away to end the world. It is a process that takes time. In general, it involves relaxing without guilt and letting go of obligations.

connect with yourself

It’s hard for me to switch off when I get home, on the weekend or on vacation, but my goal is to learn how to do it right then and there. The first step to achieving this is to put my cell phone away when I get home (whenever possible) and focus on me. Over-connection causes insomnia, irritability, bad mood, lack of energy and mental exhaustion, and sometimes it seems necessary to limit this permanent connection to screens. Read more see less Instagram is also another way to achieve this.

live the present

‘If there’s a party on Friday and a funeral on Monday, there’s something to think about over the next few days. My main mission is to help people stop waiting for that weekend to come. The idea is to move from a stressful life to one in which satisfaction rules,’ explains coach Ixi Avila. For this reason, my next goal is to try to find pleasant (and simple) moments during the week: watch a series that makes me laugh, drink coffee alone, read biographies of women that interest me … small hobbies. Look for those who relax me and make me happy. Having fun is my next goal.

talk to me like you’d talk to my best friend

Diane von Furstenberg said, ‘When a woman becomes your best friend, life becomes easier. After analyzing various conversations with the women around me – in which I’ve found that we don’t talk to ourselves the way we should – I think this is a phrase to get tattooed on our brains Should be We should talk to each other like we talk to our best friend. More so when we make mistakes. It’s about being as understanding and positive with ourselves as we would be with a friend who tells us she made a mistake. Furthermore, as psychologist Jesús Matos once noted, ‘learning to change the way we treat ourselves has the ability to change our state of mind’.

Article originally published by Vogue Spain, Adapted by Monica Silveti

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