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7 Foods You Should Avoid If You Want To Be Healthy, According To These Nutritionists

Staying healthy depends on many factors that go beyond the way you eat. Limit “being healthy” to yourself feed This is a very simple way of delineating something that is actually quite complex, such as Health,

but without a doubt, food plays a fundamental role And this directly affects how you feel, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

So it is very important to understand that whatever you eat affects you. Generally positive because we should not forget that feeding ourselves involves many things beyond nutrition, food is also leisure, it is pleasure, it is something cultural.

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Many times, even though you eat foods that aren’t essential to your diet, they make sense to you at a certain point in time (even if it isn’t nutritionally). does not mean that they food is necessaryvery little required.

In fact, these are some of the foods you could go a lifetime without and be healthy in no time. nutrition terms,

1. Alcohol

It seems that distilled alcohol does not enter this debate because it is considered a drink that is not healthy, that creates addiction and that only provides “empty” calories. But what about wine and beer? The same.

Some studies have shown beneficial properties to the consumption of low-alcohol alcohol, which comes from barley, grapes… my diet lameNothing is further from reality.

The truth is that nutritional status They contribute nothing positive and the minimal beneficial effect they can have is overshadowed by their negative effects. so it should be clear to you If you want to be healthy then do not make alcohol a part of your diet.

2. Cookies

there’s a world around biscuits And about whether some are good or not. Industrial ones are advertised as a source of fiber, some are even enriched with vitamins, but are they really beneficial to health?

As nutritionist Pablo Zumacero tells us, no. Like any other food, of course they can be consumed, but speaking nutrition terms And if they contribute something beyond flavor or enjoyment, they’re not the best choice.

As Pablo points out, of all the options, the best is to make them yourself with quality ingredients. You will be much more aware of their intake and they may be better for your health than the ones you find in the supermarket.

3. Pastry in general

The same is the case with cereals and pastries in general. They will never add value to your health as A does natural food especially since depending on the type of cereal you choose (including the ultra-sweet ones), it can be harmful.

Too much exposure to sugar and the message that these products send is really dangerous, especially for younger audiences, such as kids who may not have as much knowledge or decision-making power, but what they constantly see on TV is that Cereals are a lot of fun.

Beyond that, the problem with eating these foods isn’t having them from time to time, is that they lead to addiction, as nutritionist Borja Zuazua explains in the video, when her Should be consumed only occasionally.

4. Refreshments

Soft Drinks And Sugar

The same happens with it, even with those that have been tried to be marketed as sports drinks or drinks to cure digestive ailments. Aquarius When you have gastroenteritis, something completely inverse happens as Lucia Gallón explains on her blog.

You could live your whole life without drinking soft drinks and that would be fine, they are non-essential and full of sugars and additives.

These can be consumed occasionally and you can opt for something that is better.

5. Bag Salad Snacks

French fries, fried foods, insects… maybe it’s one of the things you’ve internalized the most as “bad” products for your health, and it’s not that food is good or bad, But in this case it deranged,

They do not provide benefits, they are extremely salty and many of them are fried. lowest quality oil, Those very savory tastes have once again the same effect as very sweet foods: that you want to eat more.

Furthermore, as Pablo Zumaquero points out, they are products that have inflated their prices to levels that can no longer even compete. Healthy Choice.

6. Excess salt in cold cuts or sauces

Obviously you can’t put all the sausages in here, that would be a big mistake. But you have to understand that consuming an Iberian ham with good fats and proteins is not the same as compared to a mortadella from the supermarket which will have sugar, additives and starch.

Nuria Kolde explains it this way I like it in your video. always see the labelIf a product contains no more than 80% meat, it is no longer nutritionally interesting and, in fact, the less it contains, the higher the percentage of additives and other low-quality ingredients it contains.

eventually year. As Nuria points out, make sure that your sausage contains 1 to 1.2 grams of salt for every 100 grams of product. It will be more if they are cured, so try to reduce their consumption.

7. Fast Food

fast food This is a clear example that includes many of the same products and foods that are mentioned in the entire list and can be consumed on a regular basis, despite the fact that occasional consumption may be fine. Harmful to your health.

Think of a hamburger: white bread with refined flour, not very good quality meat, potatoes or a side dish fried in low quality oil, accompanied by a soft drink and with a sauce full of salt, sugar and additives.

They are a hodgepodge of all the items on this list, creating a perfect mess. So whenever you can, it is better to make these meals yourself, the quality will be infinitely better and with it you will also improve the taste.

Another option is that you make other contributions foods that are more nutritious As proposed by Alberto Vazquez de macro wizard, then you would add nutritional quality For a plate that won’t be in itself.

As always, remember that it’s also “healthy” to have these foods without feeling guilty and to know what they mean in your diet: a fad or a specific moment in which you prioritize other aspects, such as whether its taste, social context or your own preference for a whatever reason.

The important thing is to have the information to understand that while they are not the best option, and in any case they are not products that should be consumed every day, with one’s head Enjoy all the food.

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