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7 is necessary to protect your skin at the source

How To Prepare The Skin For Spring


In winter, most of your skin is hidden under the cover, protected from cold, sun and even pollution. During this period, even more with growth and protection from the sun, the hydrops is also usually relaxed. That is why it is so important to take care of the skin before the spring, so that it is not only beautiful and smooth, but also ready to receive the first rays of the sun.

Legs, arms, groin, trunk, even face. If you start preparing now all the parts of your body that you want to display and that are exposed to the sun, you will have really beautiful and fair skin. You just need to include these seven gestures in your beauty routine. But pay attention to how and when he introduces each one. For example: exfoliation is important, but growing is never the same day.

As you begin to take off your clothes, you must use sun protection. And if you haven’t done it on your face during the winter, you already have reasons why your skin has spots and is more dehydrated. Remember in the fire: the best facial beauty cream is sunscreen, all year round! And not below 50 SPF. Famous Even if the sun is not really strong yet, you should use sunscreen: you will avoid health problems and premature aging (don’t forget about the neckline), dryness and spots that will increase in summer. This last point is essential to achieve a thin and even layer. One last tip: the photoprotector must be renewed every so often, application throughout the day is not useful, especially if you shave the day before.

Regularly exfoliating and moisturizing your skin will lead to your growth in a big way. Our advice is to choose a long-term hair removal method, such as photoepilation or IPL hair removal, which will leave your skin much more beautiful. We have found a wonderful device that we can do ourselves at home, without going to the beauty center: the Philips Lumea 9000 Series which, with an intense light pulse, leaves your skin soft and smooth all over the body for months. And in almost all skin and hair types. Sounds strange right? It’s time to really start treatment with perfect skin. Famous Before growing, the skin must be clean and dry. it is advisable to shave and not exfoliate or apply moisturizer (hydration after the session).

We love The Lumea Serie 9000 is as effective and safe as photoepilation in a beauty center thanks to its SmartSkin sensor, which detects skin tone and adjusts the treatment. It has accessories to wax any part of the body (even the face), can be used wirelessly and has an app that keeps track of you and reminds you when your next group is.

The data will convince you: after 12 treatments with the Lumea 9000 Series you will reduce hair on average by 86% on the lower part of the legs, 70% on the bikini and 67% on the wings. That is, 12 months of smooth, hair-free skin!

It is essential, and throughout the body (including the face) to exterminate dead cells and toxins that accumulate in the skin and that can dull and even cause acne. Usually exfoliating the skin is essential for many reasons: so that the products you use (serums, moisturizers, sunscreens) penetrate better and have their effect; to avoid clogged pores; being able to remove buried hair and facilitate hair removal; as with sunbathing, you will also get tan; and your skin is beautiful, uniform and luminous. Famous Exfoliate your skin with products suitable for each area, especially the face. For the body we love horsehair gloves (we use them every day before they dry out in the rain). For the face, it is important that you use an exfoliator suitable for your skin type (sensitive, with acne…) and that you include it in your beauty routine between one and two weeks. Your skin will glow! Be careful not to exfoliate your skin on the day of your photoepilation session, you could irritate it.

After winter, you will find that the skin of the whole body is dull and more dehydrated (you don’t know how much the heat affects the skin!). And if you are too lazy with body cream, you may find the skin on your legs, elbows and knees very dry. and the rest of the body tight and scaly. After exfoliation and after showering, your skin is hungry for moisture and absorbs it much better. It’s time to use slightly thicker and stronger formulas, such as shea butter, jojoba or body oils (which are ideal to mix with the usual body milk). The beauty of the ear. For the face, we also recommend moisturizing masks in your beauty routine at least once a week. Single-dose facial masks are great for giving your skin that extra hydration it needs. We also love the “overnight” masks that you put on at night to have an effect the next day. The only time dui should not be used is before the hair removal session, so after!

How you eat directly affects the condition and appearance of your skin, and this also includes hydration, which has to increase as the temperatures rise. After the arrival of spring, you should include it in your seasonal menu, loaded with vitamins and nutrients, ideal for nourishing and preparing your skin. It is important to eat as many “orange” fruits and vegetables as you can, as they contain beta-carotene which prepares the skin for sun exposure. Fatty acids. To give your skin that extra hydration and radiance, include foods that provide you with healthy fats in your diet. And now that you no longer feel as hot, it’s time to start with natural juices.

Did you train in the winter? If not, it’s time to step in so that when you have skin, it’s more beautiful. It is especially important to exercise strength, that is, toning the muscles, since the natural weight loss that usually occurs at this time can affect the skin. That you can easily avoid by working your muscles, for example, with trikes and push-ups at home. It is the whole of life itself. If you don’t see yourself doing crossfit, yoga and Pilates classes will help you work all the muscles of your body in a gentle and respectful way, and will give you flexible and stylized muscles. You can find tons of training videos on Instagram and YouTube to improve muscle tone.

It is always important to drink a lot of water every day, but this is necessary when spring arrives and it starts to get dry. Are you the one who doesn’t remember to drink water until you are thirsty? Then you will often notice your dry and tight skin. Just as your skin needs light to prevent aging, hydration is necessary to keep it elastic, juicy and beautiful. When you drink plenty of fluids, you also help your body to eliminate toxins, and this is directly noticeable in the appearance of the skin, especially on the face (reduces bags and dark circles). Starting today, put a bottle of water on your desk at work and don’t stop drinking throughout the day. Between meals, infusions and natural juices will also help you hydrate and load on the facilites.

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