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7 posts that made BeReal the viral app of 2022

  • Photo sharing app BeReal went viral in 2022.
  • Many BeReal users have gone viral after sharing their posts on other social networks.
  • These are some of the moments users captured on BeReal during 2022.
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BeReal is one of those social networks that went viral and marked 2022


2022 was the year of BeReal.

The photo-sharing app, which promotes authenticity and living in the moment, has been raving since it exploded earlier this year.

First launched in 2020, BeReal set to explode in early 2022. According to the company job board, it had more than 10 million daily active users as of August. It then won the Apple Award for iPhone App of the Year in November.

According to the app’s description on Apple’s App Store, BeReal encourages people to “show your friends who you really are for once,” with filters and opportunities to phase out, overthink, or edit photos. By removing

The app works by informing users at random times of the day that it is “time to get real”. A two-minute timer starts when the user opens the app, giving them a limited amount of time to take a photo using their front and rear cameras to represent themselves, as well as whatever they are doing at the time. There are

As the app has grown in popularity in 2022, it has become common for people to pull out their phones in public places to grab their BeReal posts.

The unpredictability of BeReal, with users not knowing when the notification will arrive, has gone viral this year with many users circulating screenshots of the most impressive memories they managed to capture on the app.

We share with you some of the most viral and influential BeReals of 2022, from users who have met celebrities for documentation of important and personal life events.

A Utah woman said she posted a BeReal in the operating room before undergoing cosmetic surgery


didn’t know he was so cool

♬ Be Real Dj Loaf Kid Inc – Renee

Mada Graviette, 24, from Salt Lake City, Utah, is a lifestyle influencer with 507,000 followers on TikTok.

Graviette explained to her followers in September that she was planning on getting breast lift surgery, but told Insider that on the day of the procedure, moments before she was due to go under anesthesia for the surgery, her BeReal notification went bang.

“I asked if I could take my phone to the operating room and have it there just before I went to sleep. So my doctor and anesthesiologist came down to take my picture! Then I gave my phone to a nurse and went to surgery fell asleep for.”

Graviet soon posted a screenshot of his BeReal on TikTok and it has been viewed 2.3 million times. People said the image was “iconic” and “pure comedy”, and they hoped the influencer’s surgery would go well.

“I didn’t anticipate it would blow up this much, but I certainly thought some people would love it, so I’m glad it’s working out well! The best part was telling my doctors That video blew up. They loved it,” Gravitt told Insider.

A Swedish woman goes viral on TikTok after sharing BeReal posts from five Harry Styles concerts

@gbloveontour looks like my friends are getting tired of us now #harrystyles #fyp #loveontour #hslot #bereal #foryoupage #tickets #ticketmaster #concert @BeReal. ♬ Be Real Dj Loaf Kid Inc – Renee

20-year-old Swedish woman Galadriel Blomljus Anhagar shot to fame on TikTok after posting a series of videos showing her experience standing near the stage at various Harry Styles concerts. love on tour In early 2022.

Anheger told Insider that he saved up for years to see Styles live and traveled all over Europe to see him in Prague, Madrid, Berlin, Turin and Vienna.

In addition to posting clips of Styles singing at concerts on TikTok, Anheger posted a photo montage on BeReal of various posts he said he took during the events, with many people commenting on how much they loved the images. Excited and jealous.

“It’s better to be real” and “No way! My dream”, wrote other users.

Anhegar told Insider that she didn’t expect so many people to notice her BeReal post on TikTok, but going viral was a “bonus” to her experience.

“It’s always been a dream to be able to go to so many concerts! Capturing this through BeReal was a bonus and it feels weird because the whole concept of BeReal is obviously about your life being real. To think that My childhood dream is now my reality, an insane feeling and I am glad I captured and saved it through the app.”

A 16-year-old user met Steve Irwin’s son and convinced him to join his publication

@tpwkgeorgiaa #greenscreenvideo Robert doesn’t know what Beryl is #robertirwin #australiazoo ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

In November, 16-year-old Georgia Smith visited Australia Zoo, which is run by the family of Steve Irwin, a television personality best known for wrestling reptiles on his show. Crocodile hunter. He died in 2006 while filming Manta Ray.

While walking, Smith bumped into Steve’s 19-year-old son Robert Irwin, who is hugely popular on TikTok with 4.6 million followers, and who made headlines around the world this year when he went viral for appearing in another visitor’s photo. Done. Zoo.

Smith managed to take a selfie with Irwin for her BeReal post, which she later shared on TikTok, going viral and garnering 2.3 million views, as Irwin’s fans said they wanted to share her photo. Were “jealous” of.

Smith told Insider that she had actually already picked up a post from BeReal earlier that day, but she was so excited to meet Irwin that she wanted to pick up her post again. (Users of the app are supposed to post only once a day, but the app allows them to delete the image and retake it once a day.)

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I thought, ‘I’ll fake it,'” she told Insider.

According to Smith, Irwin did not know what BeReal was, as he had a confused expression on his face when he asked her to be in his picture.

However, he agreed to appear in the photo. Smith said the positive comments she was getting from people on TikTok were “great”, though it was a shock to learn that so many people saw her post after it went viral.

Brazilian man captures two dogs in intimate moment on app

Jose Portugal, who is from Brazil, went viral in November for sharing his BeReal a twitterShows a dog riding another dog.

He told Insider that he took over the post while studying at his grandmother’s house.

“There are usually a lot of dogs in Grandma’s house. But it’s just… you know,” he told Insider. When her BeReal notification rang at the same time, she tried to get the photo in time.

Portugal, 19, said she initially shared the post with her Twitter circle, a group of close friends she allowed to see the post, but those friends convinced her to make it public because they felt others People will find it strange. ,

Thereafter, a The now-deleted viral Twitter page posted it again, Which meant that Portugal got a lot of messages and information from people about the fact that his post went viral.

“I still have to show Grandma the photo,” he said.

A TikToker broke the internet by seeing King Carlos III and took it to BeReal

@josiecunnington @bereal I wish I knew why all these people are gathering around this guy?? #queenelizabeth #bereal #berealapp #queen #kingcharles ♬ I just came to say AY YO by Boxout – Boxout

“When you’re trying to have a normal day in London, BeReal is on fire,” reads the onscreen caption on Josie Cunnington’s TikTok post from September 10.

Video taken outside Buckingham Palace two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II shows a crowd of people shaking hands with Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III.

Cunnington shared a screenshot of her BeReal post, a selfie of herself in the crowd while King stood on the other side of the camera. It got 2.1 million views and thousands of shocked comments.

“Is King Charles BeReal?!?” said a user.

“The King of Burial and the King of the United Kingdom,” wrote another.

Josie Cunnington did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

BeReal explodes the moment a TikToker finds a snake in his house

@4thelols I just woke up from my hangover nap #bereal #greenscreenvideo ♬ I just came to say ay yo by boxout – boxout

On October 16, a TikTok user named @4thelols shared a screenshot from her BeReal, which showed a snake crawling on her floor.

“When BeReal kicks in the scariest moment of my life,” reads the text of the post, while a side caption reads: “I suddenly woke up from my nap.”

Several users who responded to the video, which has garnered 1.2 million views, said they thought the user must live in Australia, which is known for its dangerous snakes.

“My first thought: ‘It’s definitely Australian’,” wrote one user.

“Sometimes I feel like I want to live in Australia, but then…” said another person, to which the producer replied: “No, it’s really cool.”

@4hthelol did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

A Florida-based TikToker lifts a BeReal into the air during a skydiving excursion

@kiaraavernon The speed I put my phone down my pants after this photo is unheard of #bereal #skydiving ♬ original sound – Playboiisoundss

Travel and lifestyle content creator Kiara Vernon, 20, got 10.3 million views in September when she posted a screenshot of a BeReal post on TikTok seconds after jumping out of a plane.

The Florida-based content creator has posted clips of various skydiving attempts, but this is her most viewed post so far, as many users said they were impressed that she was able to take the picture in the air.

“I’m amazed the app actually worked on time” and “I just know I’ll drop my phone,” users said.

Vernon told Insider that she held her phone in her hand with a hair tie and was glad she snapped the photo without dropping the phone.

“The feeling of taking BeReal off the air was incredible,” he said. “The mix of wanting to get a good picture and the fear of dropping my phone made my heart race with pure adrenaline.”

The caption at the bottom of the TikTok post read, “The speed with which I pushed my phone down my pants after this picture is unheard of.”

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