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7 secrets to know how to save money quickly and without depriving yourself of anything

save money fast And without depriving you of anything It sounds like a utopia, but it can be a reality if you know these 7 secrets. One of the Japanese finance gurus, Ken Honda, talks about his books and talks about the concept of ‘Happy Money’. walk towards success and know how to save moneyWe should associate happiness with that wealth.

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According to this expert, it is useless to avoid fearwe have to generate wealth with pleasure, We can actually keep more and more money in the bank if we are able to follow these steps or tips which will lead us to the goal we are pursuing. Follow these steps to change the way you save forever.

How to save money fast by following these 7 keys

How to save money without living a life of complete penance. Image: ametov41.

  1. Pay cash whenever you can, Although this may seem like an impractical method, it is the way in which you will have a full control of your finances, You will be aware of what you spend and where you spend it, as a credit card can give you a sense of unlimited money which can unbalance your budget.

  2. Eliminate quotas you’re not using, Signing up for a gym and not going or subscribing to a television channel we never watch sucks. Or for that book website, or that online service that we use and don’t do anymore, and since it’s only 3, 4, 5, 10 Euros a month, we never remember to cancel. eliminate these micro expenses and you will avoid doing the same things you do nowwithout the need for additional gestures.

  3. Look for sites that reward customer loyalty, Those bars where after 10 coffees they give you 1 or 3 x 2 on some products, these are the means of earning money. We’ll spend the same amount, drink the same amount of coffee, but take a few freebies a month. This is on a smaller scale, but it applies to everything: in the bank, in the place where you buy furniture, in the supermarket, in any store! if you have to choose Always people who have useful loyalty programs,

  4. ‘double pay’ or The extra money you got (with your salary, or because you’re self-employed and have had a good month of billing) Doesn’t mean you have to spend it, On the contrary, it would be better if you use this extra money in the form of Savings, If you spent less the rest of the month, it doesn’t mean you have to spend more for the simple fact that you were charged more. And let’s understand each other: it’s one thing to go out to dinner, give a gift, or treat yourself to some small whim, and another to pay for the whole ticket.

  5. The best things in life are free, Learn to enjoy simple pleasures. A family meal, you don’t have to have it at the best restaurant in town. A day at the beach can be a lot of fun when we bring home-cooked food. A small pleasure that won’t cost us anything. There are many activities that are free, such as going for a run or getting coffee or food from home instead of going to the gym. Or spend the night with the person you love, no matter where. It is free to breathe, to feel and to feel, and it is a perpetual saving.

  6. always make a shopping list, Never go to the supermarket wondering what you should buy, prepare it at home. you buy what you need and no extra cost that you seek at this time. This would be the best way to save with weekly shopping without breaking the budget. And in fact, it’s one of the useful principles of sustainable shopping.

  7. simple taste doesn’t cost money, A beer, a peach juice, a certain food, anything you buy at a supermarket can be white label and great, especially now that supermarkets have waged a war to attract customers. You don’t need to pay the brand to enjoy moretry and you will find them.
    The same thing applies while cooking. Together with fried onions, tomato salad with oil and salt, there are things that cost much less than other modern foods, taste just as good, and are just as healthy, or more so!

With these seven tips, which are partly a new way of looking at life, you’ll learn how to save money fast Make the most of everything you have at your fingertips without depriving yourself of anything.

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