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8 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

The Best Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight, Especially the Belly

It is by no means impossible to lose weight around the waist fast by making basic lifestyle changes and starting exercises in your life, most of which we are going to cover in this article. The tips below can help you shed that stubborn belly fat and get you on the path to more sustainable weight loss. Ready to get in shape and reduce your belly size by 2023? let’s get going.

If you are here because you want to know how to reduce belly size in seven days or how to lose belly fat fast, we advise you not to even try it. Fad diets promise all kinds of quick results, but too often the initial weight loss is due to the body getting rid of water, which quickly disappears as soon as you stop “dieting.” Permanent weight loss (and therefore long-term belly fat loss) is only possible if you give your body time to adjust and adapt to your new lifestyle.

Finally, we have some guides for anyone looking for general weight loss tips (how to lose weight), people who consider themselves too lazy to lose weight (when you’re out of shape So how to stay fit), and even someone who is happy to exercise. Extra effort to reveal your abs (how to get a six-pack). Whatever you do, remember to be sensible and, if in doubt, consult a physician before changing your diet or exercise routine.

How to reduce belly fat? Subcutaneous fat is not the enemy

Belly fat, sometimes called visceral fat, surrounds the organs in the abdominal cavity. Visceral fat is more serious (and often invisible) than subcutaneous fat, which is the fat located just under the skin. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything special with visceral fat; As you start eating healthier and moving more, you’ll lose visceral and subcutaneous fat.

We want to point out that a little subcutaneous fat can be beneficial and most people don’t need to carry a six-pack. Subcutaneous fat is an energy reserve that the body uses to balance energy input and output. A dangerously low percentage of body fat can create an imbalance in the body, which can lead to various diseases. On the other hand, an excess of subcutaneous fat can also lead to disease.

We recommend being sensible and not chasing hard and fast weight loss goals in order to achieve unattainable standards of beauty. A little subcutaneous fat is good for you, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your skin having a little. With that in mind, we’re going to talk about the best way to lose body weight (especially fat) in a sensible and sustainable way.

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How to reduce belly fat?

1. Choose Better Food

It probably won’t surprise you that you’ll need to make some minor changes to your diet in order to lose belly fat. We do not recommend that you go from eating pizza every night to eating nothing all day, but try to gradually change your food and drink.

First, it’s best to determine what foods and drinks you can have with no calories. We recommend paying special attention to those that raise blood sugar levels the most, such as cereals, bananas, pasta, white rice, etc. Milk can also raise blood sugar levels due to its lactose (also known as milk sugar) content; a Starbucks Venti Latte contains only 21 grams of lactose sugar.

Unhealthy fats and processed foods are also harmful, although this is not surprising. Those who eat a lot of fried food at home or on the go should know that most of the oil used for frying is absorbed into the dish, so in addition to eating unhealthy breading or breading, you may end up with a lot of bad food. Also consuming fat. when you eat This type of food

Try to reduce the amount of bad foods you eat and replace them with foods that are good for your metabolism, digestion, and intestines. This may mean cutting down on added sugar, baking foods instead of frying them, and looking for alternatives to high-carb foods, which isn’t so difficult in the age of the internet. Reducing portion sizes can also help, which we’ll talk about next.

2. Don’t be a grumble

In today’s time, everyone wants to get the most out of their money. The result is that people eat and drink more because large portions are comparatively “cheaper” than medium or small portions. However, this approach forces you to eat and drink more than you need several times a day, thus forming a belly.

Eating more slowly and mindfully can also help reduce overeating. If you eat the food on your plate in a fraction of a second, your stomach doesn’t have enough time to tell your brain and gut that it’s full. Eating slowly and paying attention to what you’re eating (for example, not watching YouTube during takeout) can help you control the amount of food you eat without much effort.

Another way to control your portion sizes is to try intermittent fasting. Fasting is a great way to lose weight and eliminate toxins. And what’s even better, you can naturally reduce your calorie intake by not allowing yourself to eat whenever you feel like it. It can help you lose belly fat, and as a bonus, it helps discipline your body, which is one of the best ways to control cravings.

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3. Cut Down on Alcohol (and Junk Food)

If you want to lose belly fat, there’s one thing you can do that will almost certainly help: reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, most of which the body cannot use and gets stored as fat. In addition, alcohol can alter many body functions, paralyzing metabolism and making people generally ill.

Of course, it can be difficult to stop drinking at least a little, especially during social events. However, even in these cases, there are many ways to reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol drinkers can opt for a soft drink instead of a glass of wine. You’ll still feel like drinking wine in a wine glass, but you’ll also be drinking a lot of water, which dilutes the alcohol and makes it easier for your body to digest it more efficiently.

If you’re more of a beer fan, try a low-calorie beer or hard seltzer. Some low-calorie beers have barely any calories, while powdered sodas are essentially beer skewers. And anyway, if you drink a glass of water after drinking, your stomach will fill up quicker and you’ll feel fuller, which will make you less likely to drink alcohol. It also helps with hangover.

4. Carry On After a Meal

Moving more throughout the day can help with digestion, but using your muscles after a meal can help use up post-meal glucose, thereby reducing the insulin response. It may help prevent post-meal energy crashes and increase insulin sensitivity. Exercise can include a 15- to 20-minute walk or other type of light cardiovascular exercise. You can sit on a stationary bike or even do a little jogging. Exercise also helps burn more calories than sitting.

5. Drink More Water

Everyone knows that we are mostly made of water and we cannot survive for long without fluids. A 2011 research paper stated that water is “the most important nutrient and the absence of which will be fatal within days.” Drinking enough water can help boost your metabolism (or at least keep it steady), reduce headaches, and help you lose weight (and belly fat). The list of positive effects of water on your well-being is practically endless.

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6. Let technology help you

The best fitness trackers and smart scales can help you understand how your body responds to changes in diet and exercise. Wearables, especially the better Fitbits, can track your heart rate, steps, sleep, and stress levels, while modern bathroom scales can measure much more than just weight. And while none of them provide medical precision, it’s easier to spot trends with them.

For those who want to go further and get to know their body better, we recommend devices that track metabolic health, such as the Lumens, SuperSpiens and Levels. The former analyzes your breath, while the latter two are continuous glucose monitors, providing a non-invasive way to learn more about how food affects your glucose levels.

7. Try Resistance Training

There are two main types of exercise: cardiovascular training and weight training, also known as resistance training. Although doing cardio burns a lot of calories, weight training builds muscle, a tissue that requires a lot of energy to maintain. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn even without exercising.

Resistance training can seem intimidating if you’re doing it for the first time, especially in a gym when the field is dominated by serious lifters, but you don’t have to start adding big plates to the bar right now. There are many ways to start at home with small weights, such as dumbbells, kettlebells and even medicine balls. You can also use your own body weight as resistance; Think push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. As long as you work against resistance, it is considered resistance training.

Combining cardio with resistance training is one of the best ways to lose belly fat. That way, once you stop running or cycling, you won’t gain weight again. Better yet, by alternating your workouts, you prevent your body from getting used to them, which can further boost your weight loss.

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8. Minimize training time without compromising on results

In addition to bodybuilding and doing cardio exercises, it is also important to vary the pace of your training if you want to lose belly fat. Every time you train, you should do both steady-state (hard work but not max, like during a brisk jog) and high-intensity (going outside, like running) exercises to burn belly fat.

Steady state or aerobic exercise includes bicycling, running or hill climbing. They are important for reducing belly fat as they burn fat stores. However, it also uses sugar stores as a source of energy first, so you must do sustained-intensity exercise to use up all your sugar before using fat stores.

High-intensity workouts primarily use sugar for fuel, so they don’t kill fat right away, but they do help build muscle, which will help you burn fat even on non-exercise days. . Explosive lifting, sprints and HIIT exercises such as mountaineering are all high-intensity exercises.

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