8 things you need to get out of your living room before 2023 ends

8 things you need to get out of your living room before 2023 ends

There are many rituals at the end of the year that can be done to ensure abundance and prosperity, but one of the most common is to do a cleaning and throw away everything that you do not use or have no use for.

All areas of the house must be cleaned thoroughly before welcoming a new year, but the living room must be especially cleaned of what hinders progress and attracts negative energy.

That’s why the living room is considered the heart of the home in feng shui. And it is one of the places where the most important social relationships are formed and developed.

This is also a room that can easily hold negative energy. Therefore, it must always be clean, orderly and cleansed of anything that hinders the peace and prosperity of the kingdom.

Things you should get rid of from your living room before the end of 2023

So, below, we tell you what are the eight things you should get rid of in your living room before the new year arrives to guarantee the arrival of money and love, according to Chinese philosophy.

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Piling papers

All useless invoices, receipts or notebooks should be thrown away. If they can be recycled, even better. Accumulated objects can block the flow of energy and create chaos and stress.

Damaged items

Broken, old, and decaying items must be repaired or thrown away, including everything from dishes and ornaments to furniture. The reason is that they are considered carriers of negative energy.

Therefore, they can block the flow of chi and harmony in your home. If it’s something that can’t be changed, but has sentimental value, keep it out of sight so it doesn’t affect the energy.

Broken furniture

Furniture that is damaged or defective must be replaced. Beyond energy issues, it doesn’t look good and affects aesthetics. If you can’t fix it, get new ones.

strong images

The artwork that decorates your home can greatly affect the energy of the space. For this reason, disturbing, sad or violent paintings or photos create negative emotions.

Instead, they disturb the chi. So, before the new year begins, remove the decorative elements that cause you stress, anxiety or sadness and choose pictures that make you happy.

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Decorative bottles

The bottles that we keep to decorate or collect don’t look good in the room and change the energy. Therefore, it is better to take them outside the house or put them in another well-decorated place.

The key is to be able to put them in a place where there is a planned design that helps eliminate the appearance of old containers or simple garbage that they have, but not in the living room.

Plates, glasses and cups

If there are plates, glasses and cups as decorative elements in the room, it’s time to say goodbye to them. Having a few is good, but the whole set of dishes on display is very old fashioned.

The solution is to use it once and for all or remove it. Just keep a pair that you can put in a special place where they look like real living room decorations.

Pots and dry plants

Although it is possible to return and change the old pots, if you want to have a living room that only attracts prosperity and positive energy then throw them away and find new ones for this place.

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Not only do you need to change the pots, but the dead plants because they cause sadness and any wilting that is contrary to the strength of development and must be eliminated in this area.

So give them the care they deserve to revive them and make them beautiful, but in the meantime move them to another place that will not affect the flow of energy in the heart of your home.

broken clocks

If you have a clock hanging on the wall, make sure it works because if it is defective or without a battery it can have a bad effect on the wealth of your home.

Do not forget that clocks, in addition to marking the time, are responsible for activating the energy in our homes. If the clock in your room is stopped, it stops running.