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8 tricks to get up in the morning with more energy

It’s difficult to get used to the routine and the morning can be a real challenge if we don’t make a good plan of action. Take note of the most effective tricks for going through the day with charged batteries.

Do you wake up tired every day? You have no energy for the day and are exhausted in the afternoon? You need to adopt some guidelines to be able to wake up with more energy in the morning and that life doesn’t make a world for you. If you want to start your day rested and motivated, follow these simple tips.

1. Pay attention to the evening ritual

begin to It is very important to slow down as the afternoon begins to fall So that you sleep well, have a restful night and have new energy in the morning.

Eat a light evening meal early and no later than two hours before bedtime to keep digestion from interfering with sleep. Avoid screens even two hours before bedtime Blue light emitted by devices can interfere with melanin production (the sleep hormone) and that would mean having trouble sleeping. A restful rest is very important to be productive the next day.

Use rituals that make a difference that the brain prepares for entering the relaxation phase and that they stimulate relaxation. For example, take a bubble bath, use essential oils, relaxing herbal teas, meditate for a few minutes, read a book in the warm light… design your nightly ritual to prepare your body and mind for rest.

2. Do not snooze the alarm

Don’t make the mistake in the morning Postpone the alarm every 5 or 10 minutes, causing you to fall asleep again and begin the cycle again with a sudden awakening within minutes. If you don’t finish the cycles that are beginning, your body and mind will feel a lot more tired. So it’s not a good idea to set multiple alarms, no matter how tempting it may be to sleep another five minutes. Those 5 minutes can mean the difference between waking up full of energy or slouching for a coffee.

3. Bring your body and mind back into balance

In the morning, as soon as the alarm clock rings, he tries to think about the here and now. Reconnect with your body, move your hands and feet, Stretch and practice meditation for a few minutes. That way, you connect with the here and now and don’t wake up stressed out thinking you won’t get somewhere on time.

Don’t make the mistake of looking at your phone when you get up, because two things happen: you get stressed when you have unanswered messages or requests, and it will waste your time when you engage in social media. If you waste time, you get up later and have to run again stressed. There is no need for this. Get up calmly and get your morning routine done. Put your eyes off your phone until you have time in the morning to get sane and recharge your batteries.

4. Exercise in the morning

You may have to reschedule the awakening a little earlier, but it will be worth it. Exercising in the morning increases well-being because it causes the body to release endorphins, the happy hormones. Do a short series of strength exercises, a little yoga, or go for a run or a bike ride, whatever, but get some exercise before you plunge into the daily whirlpool that certainly won’t leave you time for exercise.

5. Expose yourself to sunlight

Waking up to natural light is a luxury we can’t always afford. However, we can snag one of the so-called Alarm clock with sunrise light This gradually increases the light to regulate our circadian rhythm and wake up with more energy.

Another option is to open the window when you get up to allow sunlight to enter and refresh the air. This simple gesture is extremely stimulating and lets us face the day in a better mood.

6. Drink water

It is one of the best beauty secrets of Japanese women. Drinking water on an empty stomach when you wake up will keep your body hydrated and eliminate any feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, and drowsiness you may be feeling. It’s a much better remedy than coffee (Don’t worry, you can drink your cup later) to provide vital energy, boost the immune system, improve intestinal transit and contribute to more elastic skin. Take the test.

7. Don’t sleep more hours on weekends

Sleep hygiene requires consistency. If you have a fixed sleep schedule during the week, don’t vary it too much at the weekend to avoid upsetting your biological rhythm. Sleeping fewer hours during the week and trying to catch up on Saturday and Sunday is a very bad idea. This will only make you feel more and more tired, and you’ll be dragging it out from early Monday morning.

A scientific study published in the journal aging in nature proven that seven hours of sleep is healthiest for the human body. If you sleep these hours a day, you function like clockwork, full of energy and without problems of fatigue.

8. Have an energetic breakfast

After drinking your glass of water on an empty stomach, you can now enjoy a good breakfast to start the day with lots of energy. Prioritize low glycemic index foods like oats, protein like eggs and healthy fats like nuts or avocados. To add a dose of carbohydrates and fiber to your breakfast, you can opt for toasted rye bread, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, and fruits like kiwi, which contain fiber and vitamin C and provide lots of energy.

Would you like to conquer the world with more energy in the morning? From today you will no longer get up every day with the tiredness that prevents you from functioning properly and feeling good when you wake up. Good morning!

How many hours do you need to sleep to wake up full of energy in the morning?

According to a recent study in the journal Nature Aging, the optimal number of hours of sleep to keep the brain in optimal condition is 7 hours.

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