A 12-year-old boy driving a stolen forklift chases the movie

A 12-year-old boy driving a stolen forklift chases the movie

A 12-year-old boy driving a forklift was arrested on Saturday night, November 25, 2023, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, after leading police on a chase and hitting about ten vehicles.

Authorities said the car was left at Forsyth Middle School with the key hidden inside. The police chased the boy for more than an hour before they caught him.

“Officers in uniform located the stolen vehicle driving south on Brooks Street near Pearl Street without any lights on. Several officers began to pursue the vehicle at speeds of 15 to 20 mph with emergency vehicles lights and sirens. During the chase, “The driver of the stolen vehicle traveled through the neighborhood of Georgetown Boulevard, hitting approximately ten parked cars,” said authorities.

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Late in the evening, officers ended the pursuit when a vehicle traveling north on Nixon Road crossed the M-14 bridge. At that time, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies continued the pursuit and followed the vehicle until the driver stopped at approximately 7:53 pm in the area of ​​M-14 and Gotfredson.

The driver was identified as a 12-year-old boy from Ann Arbor and was placed in a juvenile detention center. No one was injured in the chase.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the boy gained access to a construction vehicle at Forsyth Middle School. It is opened with a key hidden inside the cabin.

“This is a very dangerous situation that could easily end in serious injuries. “The incident remains an active and ongoing criminal investigation,” authorities said.

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