A 25-year-old mayoral candidate in a town in Caldas lost by 52 votes, requested a recount and won

A 25-year-old mayoral candidate in a town in Caldas lost by 52 votes, requested a recount and won

Jorge Andrés Arango felt like the winner of the mayor’s office in Samaná, Caldas, since October 29 at the end of voting; However, the results show the opposite; lost by a narrow margin against the rival candidate, Cristian Parra.

Because of this, he insisted on counting the votes, also arguing for the alleged presence of the current mayor in the examination where he placed second in the race.

After several days of uncertainty and a tense calm in the municipality awaiting the results, the Departmental Scrutinizing Commission determined that Arango, nicknamed in the region as “Uribito”, was the winner, he was elected mayor. in Samaná.

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Tabares, who participated in the race for the Samaná Nos Une coalition, which is also supported by the Conservative and Democratic Center parties, was the winner with 5,176 votes, compared to 5,124 for Parra, that is, the difference of 52 votes.

“First of all, I want to thank God for allowing me to fulfill my dream of becoming your Mayor. Thanks to all my family for your unconditional support. To the more than 5,000 people who selflessly showed us their love at the polls,” Arango wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter).

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And the inhabitants of Samaná are waiting to know who will be their next mayor, because on Sunday, October 29, the inhabitants of the city changed the public order due to the preliminary result that, precisely, was given to Parra as the winner with 52 votes. The level of chaos was such that the authorities had to intervene and calm things down.

Two weeks later, the Departmental Scrutinizing Commission approved the election of Arango, who at the age of 25 became the youngest mayor in the history of the municipality and was also the youngest mayor elected in Caldas.

“Uribito”, a nickname in reference to former President Álvaro Uribe, is a lawyer and specialist in public procurement. Cristian Parra, the candidate who ultimately lost, accepted his seat in the municipal council because of the opposition law.

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