A Boca fan lived Roman and Christina and the reaction went viral

A curious fact occurred at the end of the first half in the match between Boca Juniors and Atlético Tucumán, a match that was played at La Bombonera and ended 2–1 in favor of the Xenese team. During a competition which was held at halftime and in which fans in attendance were invited to score goals from midfield, A blue-and-gold sympathizer was ready to kick in, but not before he could issue past political commentary.

“We are the swollen women of the world”, he first rebuked and then shot: “Wait, Roman and Christina! [Kirchner],, At that moment, and in unison, the stadium filled with whistles. Regardless, the man looked to one of the stands, “blows” everyone a kiss and agreed to complete the challenge. Meanwhile, despite these acts of sympathy, the background boom continued. eventually, The fan ran near the ball, took the shot but missed it too far.

Political comment from a Boca Juniors fan who caused a booze at La Bombonera

Minutes after the meeting ended, photos were posted on the network and went viral. However, he was not alone associated with the incident. A footage was also broadcast from the point of view of fans gathered in a stall. “Okay, go ahead”One of the attendees shouted after the man’s comment. Another, a little too excited, exit a the strokes Shortly before the video cut out. Around 10 pm, other videos were also released in which fans showed their disapproval through chants against this man.

However, it was not the only “controversy” that the party had. Another episode that particularly caught the attention of Atlético Tucumán fans—from Carlos Zambrano’s elbow to maestro pooch—was in which VAR determined there was no interception. The brawl took place moments before the football brawl ended, more precisely on 47 minutes of the second half.

Tucuman striker got into the area with the ball and when he tried to define, Got a blow from the Peruvian defender.

Match referee Fernando Espinoza stopped play for a few minutes, while the man in charge of VAR Jorge Ballino and his assistant Mariana de Almeida determined that there was no foul on the xeneize player. The decision, which angered Dean’s supporters, allowed Boca to take the win, retaining seventh place in the table and adding Rivers to the number of points.


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