A Cartagena police officer injured trying to save an old man from a fire

Herido un policía de Cartagena tras intentar salvar a un hombre mayor de un incendio

And Cartagena’s local police have been injured After trying to save the life of this Saturday an old man, 87 years oldJoe was caught in a fire inside his home, as reported by Emergencies.

Fuego has spread to a house located in Tirso de Molina Street, about eight o’clock in the evening. This is the third floor. According to the same sources, from outside the property you could see the flamesapart from intense black smoke He fled after firing through all the doors of the house.

The victim was outside the burnt house, shouting and asking for help from the window,

The National Police, several local police patrols, an ambulance and Cartagena firefighters have traveled to the scene. to last these we can see them in action At the front door of the house:

As can be seen in the video, The corridors and stairs of the building are also filled with smoke. suffocating

Finally, at around 8:30, firefighters brought the fire under control and started ventilation work.

For the injured, elderly person, who he was distractedPresents symptoms of smoke poisoning and transferred by toilets to the Santa Lucia Hospital in Cartagena.

In the case of the 56-year-old agent, the doctors have also treated him on the spot and have moved to the same hospital.