A circumstantial majority puts their interests first


This Wednesday, the Unitary Central of Workers (CUT) decided to “reject the current constitutional wording” and called, on the union movement and the citizens, to “vote against” in the exit plebiscite.

The causes of CUT

The Expanded National Board of Directors of CUT made the decision, because “the current words did not solve the popular needs y moving away from immediate needs that the people of Chile have,” they said in a statement.

“Every effort was made to create a democratic understanding that would allow the Constitution to be voted to contain the basic rights that the citizens demanded in the streets (…), but these efforts collided with interest of the circumstantial majority which follows a situation and has put your interests first” they added.

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The multi-union listed a series of reasons supporting its position, including that the proposal “cannot resolve inequalities” with origins in the world of work, “dedicates the business of the AFPs and the Isapres”, meaning a “setback” of reproductive rights of women and does not ensure the right to education, housing or health, etc.

Along these lines, they say that the process failed in the goals of “recovering national unity and deepening democracy“, therefore “we call on the union movement and the citizens to vote against the exit plebiscite on December 17.”

We will not continue a constituent process. More than anyone else, we know how tired people are of the methods of making politics, which do not take into account their realities and urgencies. But it will be another time, in new scenarios, when, with peace, we continue a constituent process with real participation of the majority,” they closed.