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A common mistake not to make with a manual transmission

The gearbox This is an important element of management forces generated by the machine. And yet the systems of automatic transmission, especially when it comes to mechanics electrocuted, Most cars still have a lever for the driver to select by hand the various developments available.

Manually operated gearboxes are WAS which lasts the entire useful life of the car, which in most current models can easily exceed 300,000 kilometers.

Distances that include making a lot hundreds of thousands and even millions of gear changes, depending on whether it is done on the open road or in the city.

And for each of them, the driver must break the machine pressing the pedal, moving the lever to CHOOSE the required speed and release the clutch again, which is a friction mechanism through this transmits to the wheels the force produced by combustion within the cylinder block.

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Proper change management does not just allow leverage maximizing engine potential and using less fuel. It also prevents this complex mechanism from being damaged and generated breakdowns which are sometimes very expensive to repair.

Seven tips

Follow these simple seven tips, we can use our car more and also preserve it over time good condition:

  • Avoid keeping your hand on the lever at all times. It is a habit of many drivers and it should not be done, first of all you should always try hold the steering wheel with both hands for safety and also because the weight of the hand on the lever is used a damaging pressure for those ahead, which is the mechanical connection of the system, and which will eventually damage them, cause clearances and lack of precision in its operation.
  • Step on the clutch while the vehicle remains stationary with the engine running. When the traffic light comes, many drivers continue to use the tools and instead of choosing the dead point, They let the clutch down during the stop. This is a mistake that should always be avoided because makes it easier to wear in this important part and also does not need to raise the temperature of the mechanics.
A Common Mistake Not To Make With A Manual Transmission
When Stopping At Traffic Lights, Do Not Keep The Clutch Depressed.
  • The clutch is not fully depressed when changing gears. When a gear is engaged without the pedal total depression, the sprockets and the shift timing will suffer and they are weak. Fully squeezing the clutch will prevent the gears from “scraping” when engaging and thus cause gearbox breakdown.
  • Start in second gear. This is also a common practice among drivers but from a mechanical point of view it is not it’s not appropriate at all. Starting from a standstill in second gear instead of using first requires a greater effort of the engine, the transmission in general and the clutch in particular. This is a bad habit which causes greater heating of the system and greater acceleration of it wear.
  • Suddenly release the clutch. a drive good It is the best for the comfort of the car occupants, but also for its mechanics. Sudden release of the clutch pedal causes violent jerks which damages the entire system and damages its components, such as the clutch itself, the gears in the gearbox, the differences and the transmission rod connections.
  • Not shifting at the right speed. Gearbox improvements are calculated by adapt to speed of the vehicle and must be selected progressively as it increases or decreases it otherwise. Likewise norm general in cars with six gears and depending on the model, you need to keep the first gear up to 15 or 20 km/h; change from second to third when arriving 30 km/h; including the fourth a 40 km/h; enter fifth gear after accelerating up to 50 km/h and use the sixth speed from 100 km/h upwards.
  • Skip oil changes. For proper maintenance of the gearbox, it is important that it works well. greased A quality oil in good condition not only prevents the wear of its parts due to dispute, but it helps cooled the entire heat displacement system through lubrication circuit.
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