A draw was played between Mascherano and Bielsa

A draw was played between Mascherano and Bielsa

Argentina and Uruguay left a brilliant attacking match in which they shared a point which does not affect the resolution of Group B. The first advances to the home run with good feelings and Celeste at least goes home with the feeling of having competed and having stood to the end despite the huge disappointment.

Both teams took the field without the pressure of seeing off the classification and this was immediately reflected in the offensive actions of each. Argentina tried to take control and on their first shot they managed to open the scoring through Rodríguez, who took advantage of a superb cross from González at the far post. In the next coming the Albiceleste took second place. That was from a corner which Gondou combed and Queiroz presented.

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There was continuous excitement in the match which benefited everyone except the goalkeepers. Bray made several inaccuracies in his first intervention and in the third he released a loose ball which Luciano Rodríguez finished off. However, Celeste’s happiness did not last long. Echeverri delivered a wonderful pass and Gonzalez put it into the net first. But there was still a lot to do before the break. Araújo sent a shot that was initially harmless, but Bray’s soft hands once again denied him the shot.

The game changed completely in the second half. Bielsa’s team regained control and started trying to score an equalizing goal from the first moment. He collected several players and the reward came on the hour mark with a tremendous volley from Abaldo. Argentina was disconnected and the response came with Almada’s entry into the game.

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The action became very tight in the last quarter of the match and several players earned yellow. The intensity increased until we even saw some signs of tangana between Randall Rodriguez and Redondo. However, there were also times to see more scoring opportunities. Luciano was the clearest with a free kick on the edge of the area which was blocked by Bray. Abaldo was also able to score in the 90th but was unable to make contact with the ball in the small area and Gondou had another easy chance against the goalkeeper. However, he sent the shot into his opponent’s hands.

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