A family lost for two days due to poor GPS indication: “I thought we were going to die”

four . family of Was trapped in the Australian outback for two days After that, according to the media in that country, Google Maps mistakenly took her to her destination.

According to police in New South Wales, a state in southeastern Australia, the family was reported missing on 8 August after failing to reach Paxadal after a journey from Queensland that began the day before.

Officials said an investigation into the family’s disappearance had been launched that included “major searches of various areas”, including the surrounding areas as well as Tibubura, Broken Hill, Wilkenia and Paxdal.

A search and rescue helicopter located its Hyundai Tucson approximately 31 miles (50 km) southeast of Tibubura on 9 August. As a result the family was rescued and airlifted safely.

“Google Maps diverted them from a paved road to a rough road where they were stuck” Police explained the signal in a remote area 9news, The car’s driver, Darien Aspinall, confessed: “Honestly, I thought we were going to die.”

A family lost for two days due to poor GPS indication: "I thought we were going to die"
The driver of the vehicle, Darien Espinol.

27 year old man was with him Two children, aged two and four, and their grandmother, 50,

According to Espinol’s account, their cell phones did not work on the route they were lost on, so they could not ask for help and had to walk for hours, carrying only a liter of water.

Although he quickly became dehydrated, the driver of the car said that they got a puddle that let them hold Until help arrived.

All four family members were safe and sound inside the vehicle and were evaluated by a doctor in the helicopter before being airlifted for further evaluation.


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