A family of Lavadores was poisoned by a faulty butane stove

A family of Lavadores was poisoned by a faulty butane stove

Four members of the Lavadores family were evacuated this morning along with symptoms consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning. Three of them are at home, and one affected minor is now in an education center.

Everything happened shortly after 8:15 this morning at the house located on Barreiro Street, in Vigo. Segundo informed the health team through 112 Galicia, a family of four members He had medical conditions consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Therefore, it is necessary to prove through corresponding measurements if the accumulation of this gas inside the house has really caused discomfort to the family. In this way, the managers of 112 Galicia They asked for the collaboration of Vigo’s firefighters and police. National Police y LOcAl. Once at the point and after carrying out the required inspection, the means brought there confirmed high concentrations of monoxide in the home due to poor combustion in a butane stove.

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In this regard, Health Emergencies in Galicia-061, He transferred the affected family to the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital.

Another similar case in O Incio

A teenager from O Incio also had to be taken to the health services due to poisoning due to the accumulation of carbon monoxide inside his house after 11:00 last night, in Vilar de Vara.

Health Emergencies, Sarria firefighters, Civil Guard agents and members of O Incio Civil Protection went to the area.

After making the necessary checks, the firefighters confirmed that they found high levels of carbon monoxide throughout the house, and that the cause was poor combustion of a gasoline generator that is in the house.

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In all, The teenager should be transferred to a referral hospital center other people in the house were not affected.