A fifth year medical student in Comodoro who survived leukemia and manages a remit to pay for his studies

in the nation ComderRawson grew up in Córdoba and in 2015 returned to the capital of Hawaii to study medicine, a career he chose when he was a boy, but could not continue in Córdoba due to financial difficulties that left his family a occurred as a result of the accident. at work. Brian Lionel Torres is 28 years old. and is in the fifth year of a career taught by the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco (UNPSJB).

These days he is making his final course, knowing that there will be many finals pending to enter the final stage later, which means Compulsory Final Exercise (PFO).

But the time is short. Over these 7 years, Brian has made a great effort to be able to study away from home, and even today His life passes between books and the steering wheel of RemisOne who drives at night to be able to pay for his studies.

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overcome adversity

It is in these latitudes that Brian’s story begins. The young man was born in Comodoro, but as a boy he moved to live in Rawson, where he grew up. He attended primary and secondary school at Playa Union and after graduating he decided to study medicine, as a way of repaying all the support he received. The thing is that 10 o’clock Brian was diagnosed with a serious illness.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia and was referred to Buenos Aires”, account to ADNSUR Look back at that point in your life. “For 10 months I was in an Italian hospital and then I continued to travel from Rosson to Buenos Aires with oral chemotherapy for two and a half years.”

Brian was in fifth grade at the time and had to undergo harsh treatment. As he could, he continued school in the federal capital and when he returned he tried to readjust to his class, but it was difficult.

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“Although someone says, ‘You can live a normal life,’ the truth is that it is never a normal life, because I had to travel every month. So I would go out for a week and have two or three school, but he could not do physical activity, and Refusing a child to run, telling him he can’t have fun, that he doesn’t have a pet, isn’t normal.”

Despite adversity, Brian successfully overcame his illness and continued his treatment under control. Since he wanted to lead a normal life, he asked the school not to tell his story so that his classmates would treat him like any other student.

It was at this stage of his life that he decided he was going to be a doctorAnd for one simple reason.

“My doctors had a great influence on my decision at the time. I said ‘how cool would it be to tell a patient that you were cured’. And I thought: ‘Well, I love it, I want to attribute this career and that they helped me.

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Finally, at the age of 18, Brian was discharged, and he decided to move to Córdoba to study his dream career. However, not everything was going to be as expected.

“I was doing well but my old man had an accident. He was a sailor and had an accident, he had lost four fingers of his efficient hand and was therefore three years old without work. I tried to stay in Cordoba for as long as possible. I looked for a job, but there is a lot of demand, and without experience, being a student, I had everything against me and the job I got was not even enough to rent. ,

During his life in Cordoba, Brian worked as a delivery in customer service and also interviewed at events, but he never found a job where he says “I can support myself”.

As they say, he tried, but the day his grandmother passed away, he decided to lower his arms. “He was always my pillar, and when he passed away it hit me hard and I decided to go back to Rawson.”

A son died in Trelev, he came to live in Comodoro and today he organizes solidarity events to deal with the pain.

On his return to the provincial capital, Brian gave up his dream, She went so far and could not forgive herself for not being able to enjoy her grandmother in her final years. Thus, he decided to begin another phase of his life, and began looking for work at Rawson. But life was giving him another chance.

an opportunity at home

In January 2015, National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco Open inscriptions for a medical career. 570 applicants signed up. However, only 330 students, including Brian, were eligible to take the course.

Learning that the race was starting a few kilometers from his home, The young man decided to try his luck in ComodoroAsked a few people if they could put up with it for a few months and put the bag together with all the confusion in tow.

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Since he came with past experience, he thought he was going to do well. However, like the entire course, except for one student, he first failed mid-term and found himself faced with a difficult approach.

“I said ‘this can’t happen to me. I had the experience of Cordoba and I thought ‘this is my only chance to continue the race, I had a bad time, but in the end I was one of the guys who made it into the second quarter’.

His life in Comodoro was also not going to be without complications. In the second semester, the student had to move out in search of a job and a place to live. Those were difficult times, where sometimes they didn’t even have it for the group. However, he was going to pull.

“The first year was difficult, it took me a lot to adapt. I didn’t know there were university scholarships that made everything easier, and medicine is a very demanding career because it takes a lot of time. Then It was always a challenge for me to work and study but I was working very hard and moving forward.”

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Brian did everything. He worked as a batchero at Elle, then became a bartender, and also worked as a masseur and as an assistant in a nursing home. However, the pandemic forced him out of the job market, and together with his partner, he decided to reinvent himself.

First he bought ice cream to resell as delivery, and then, taking advantage of his knowledge in sewing, he bought a printer and began sublimation, devoting himself to the manufacture of personalized chainstraps.

The venture was a success, but once the pandemic subsided, sales started falling and they had to think of new options, although this time it was going to be each one for themselves, as they decided to part ways after a long time. decided.

During the time they broke up, Brian lived with a friend. At the same time he decided to work as a taxi driver and began processing professional cards.

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Currently, works in Medical Student Australia Remis Agency. Every day at 6 pm, he is behind the wheel to begin his workday, which lasts until 7 pm the next day.

The young man accepts that work is sacrificed in the matter of hours and rest, even more so when he has to get up or sleep the next day to study. Undoubted, He wants to find another job, but he is grateful for the possibility that Remis gives him today, “Because even though I work at night, it helps me pay the rent and save a little bit when the last exercise starts.”

help others

As his goal was always to help, some time ago Brian joined the tutoring program, which is in Medicine Career, where he transmits his experience to the students in the theoretical part and in life itself.

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“I tell entrants to take advantage of the opportunities they have, if their parents help them or are from Comodoro; when they say ‘I don’t have enough time’ tell them it’s possible, That one has to prioritize and manage time, rearrange priorities, because if you don’t want to achieve something, you can’t achieve it.”

“The reality is that we all have different qualities and destiny. In my case I made many mistakes and I learned from those mistakes. I had a very bad time because of my inexperience. So what I do today is support students, both academically and psychologically, because I know how to be in that situation.”

As Brian says, he passed them all, though he never lowered his arms, despite doing so more than once. “At times I had to quit, because it is not easy to keep up with the pace I am running. But I always continue because it touched me”, says the young man, who wants to become a hematologist and help others. dreams, as they did with him.


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