A gang dug a tunnel to rob a bank in Rome: one of them was trapped and took eight hours to rescue him

Roma.- It was a master plan, but it ended tragically. A gang was digging tunnels in Rome, apparently to rob a bank near the Vatican, but one of its members was caught yesterday when a chunk of asphalt collapsed and had to be He was saved in an extensive operation that took the Italians captive.

It took firefighters eight hours to reach the point six meters down Inocenzo XI street in Rome, where the man was, in an operation that began after police were called. The suspect underwent surgery and is about to be discharged, while three others were arrested near the scene yesterday.

The excavated tunnel began in an empty shop that had recently been rented out.

“We all thought they were renovating it,” said a neighbor, Michelle.

Italian newspapers, for their part, highlighted that the tunnel in which this man was found is near two sides.

The matter was widely discussed in the Italian media. “The Gang of the Well” newspaper title Corriere della Sera. impression informed of: “They dug a tunnel to rob a bank and one of them got buried.”

The police said that they have arrested four persons, including the stranded persons, in connection with these incidents. “We do not exclude the possibility that they are thieves,” said a spokesman for Rome Carabinieri.

The “mole-man”, as the Italian media calls him, is A 33-year-old Roman who named himself Andrea Grassi.

In the midst of excavations, as a reconstruction A piece of asphalt came loose and trapped it about 6 meters deep. Police were alerted about a man trapped in a tunnel on Inocenzo XI Street, Near St Peter’s Basilica.

defending "mole value"
Defense of the “Mole-Man”Giorgio Farolfi – Giorgio Farolfi

“¡Ayúdenme, please, set me free!”, The man said, desperate, for the rescue teams who arrived at the scene with special units and were trying to save their lives. Ultimately they were able to get him out. 8 hours After the operation began, along with an excavator, they opened a parallel tunnel. Many people gathered around the well applauded the firefighters.

The suspect was shifted to Gemeli Hospital, where he was operated on and stabilized, and is likely to be discharged today. The suspect will be questioned in the coming days. He has been charged with damage and negligent fall, along with three other people who were arrested yesterday near the site of the well.

“How much did it cost to rescue a suspected thief who broke into a tunnel down Inocenzo XI Street in Aurelio, perhaps to steal from a bank vault about 300 meters away? At least 70,000 Euros, which will be taken out of taxpayers’ pockets. Part of a booty robbery that could be a millionaire, to be executed on the Ferragosto weekend”, says today’s newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Three accomplices who managed to escape from the accident have been arrested by the police. carabinieri near the well. They all have a history of theft.

two of them, Awaiting trial, two Neapolitan men, ages 46 and 57, were released today. “We were driving by chance and we accidentally saw a child asking for help and when we saw a tunnel in the ground, we got scared and left,” he said in his statement.

firefighters during rescue operation
firefighters during rescue operationitalian firefighters

not accused of both They stopped when they were on a jeep and hit a patrol car that was following them. The hearing has been fixed for December 20.

The third captive is from Rome, like “Mole-Man”.

Will hear from you in the next few days vacant premises owner Where the excavation started and which was recently hired.

The central investigation indicates that the gang wanted to kill one of the two banks located near the tunnel and that they were taking advantage of the fact that the city is practically empty for the long weekend due to the August 15 holiday.

AFP and ANSA agencies


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