A gang that recruited ‘couples of convenience’ in bars and clubs to regularize ‘inappropriate’ people has been busted

A gang that recruited 'couples of convenience' in bars and clubs to regularize 'inappropriate' people has been busted

Despite being a criminal gang which has a complex structure given the diversity of functions that each one has, His way of acting is very simple.. On the one hand, they are looking for immigrants who want to regularize their situation in Spain and, on the other hand, Spaniards who pretend to have a relationship with them in order to register them in the Registry of Stable Couples of Catalonia.

In exchange for an amount of money – which consists of between 6,000 and 10,000 eurosaccording to the immigrant’s income– They are looking for a possible partner. But, most of the time they are around the night life like in nightclubs when they are looking for a ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. It is known that dishonest proposals are more visible at night.

This is how one moves organized band located in the region of Dare dismantled by National Police and that he did, according to researchers, 18 marriages of convenience. In particular, the network promoting the registration of undocumented immigrants in this record so they have a residence permit is a relative of a citizen of European Union.

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A dozen were arrested

Hi 10 were arrested accused of favoritism irregular immigration and falsification of documentary. Among them is the leader of the gang, which is completely hierarchical: there are those who recruit colleagues people interested in regularizing their illegal situation in Spain and willing to pay significant amount of money to obtain a residence permit. This amount varies depending on their economic capacity. Once they have a ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’, They are looking for a couple of Spanish originwhich they got in the entertainment areas of Barcelona. They are offered a commission to lend himself to simulate a de facto relationship.

To make the romantic relationship between the two believable, they were given a ‘common domicile’so they can prove a coexistence, which in this case is managed by the municipalities in the region of Dare. The band has ‘enumerators’, property owners or rental contract holdersthat, in exchange for a commission, They facilitated the registration of the alleged couple in their homes.

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18 applications for residence permits

The Police have collaboration with different statistical departments in some town councils in the Osona region to dismantle this part of the organization. With registration, and always accompanied by the network leader, The couple went to a notary with an office in Barcelona y formalized a public deed of constitution of the de facto couple; required for, immediately after, requesting its registration in the Registry of Stable Couple in Catalonia.

Agents are investigating 18 applications for residence permits and various documentations intervened regarding the registration of allegedly fraudulent de facto couples, as well as the registrations irregular. In addition, they requested proposals for sanctions against homeowners which allows the registration of foreigners without formalizing the deed of de facto partnership. Also requested termination of fraudulent residence permitsas well as registrations as de facto couples.

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The investigation remains open and other requests of this kind residence permits to find out if they can also be fraudsters and organized in the investigated network. the ten were arrested They went to court released with all fees.