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A Guide to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care

child and teen depression It remains a disease that cannot be diagnosed early. It remains in the shadow of other maladies, which are more common at these ages, and which, according to experts, may trigger the onset of more severe deformities and disorders,

breaking down the stigma around mental health It is necessary to avoid exclusion of certain types of children and adolescents emotional upset hey mental health problem, “Promoting good mental health and working on prevention is essential,” he explains. Cristina AranaPsychologist and guide’s coordinatorA healthy mind starts in childhood’, A manual for mental health care of children and adolescents prepared by Rikara Jinso. Aimed at families and professionals, it provides recommendations and tools for detection, prevention and addressing current challenges that are affecting health and well-being.

According to studies, 70 percent of psychiatric disorders appear during childhood and adolescence. Some data that show the relevance of taking measures to guarantee emotional well-being. It is a priority to understand the causes and conditions that lead children and adolescents to experience serious difficulties, psychological disorders and dysfunctional behaviors in order to effectively prevent them. spot them early and help them From various fields: family, educational, health, cultural and social.

“We must be alert to the alarm signals,” he explains Jesus VillanuevaPsychologist and deputy director of the Recurra Ginso Mental Health Clinic. Experts point out that one should pay attention to set of symptoms that they usually observe in both Outpatient and Residential Treatment: irritable mood, loss of interest or happiness, social withdrawal, behavior and/or discipline problems, low self-esteem, feeling worthless, difficulty concentrating, frequent crying, weight gain or loss, sleep disorders, and autolytic behavior , Etcetera. “When they used to play with their friend and their cousin and they no longer want to, or when they stop reading or playing a sport they were passionate about. Those changes have to be motivated by something.” falls,” Villanueva explained.

“We must heed the alarm signals”

Experts confirm a progressive increase in cases since the onset of the pandemic. social, economic and personal effects caused by covid increased risk factors for mental health and rates of self-harm, suicidal behaviour, anxiety, depression and other disorders in child and adolescent populations. “It is imperative to stop these problems.”

Cristina Arana admits, “a collapse of the sense of life that can lead to depression, lack of interest or other types of more serious behavior.” ,Very little work is done on emotional education And the values ​​that used to sustain us no longer work. Perhaps the vital rhythms of families have dictated some of the changes: “Parents stressed and multitasking. Kids home alone too young and overprotective at the same time.”

Worldwide, one in seven children and adolescents (13 percent of the total) aged 10 to 19 have a mental health problem. Half of mental health disorders begin around age 14 and 75 percent of all such disorders develop by age 24, yet most cases go undiagnosed and therefore untreated.

“Very Little Work Has Been Done on Emotional Education”

“If a boy behaves violently at home, you have to see what happens to him. If you can’t figure it out, you have to get help,” reports Villanueva. The minor must feelwith, recognized and respected It doesn’t matter how badly he behaves”. And sometimes, it’s complicated by the family level: “A boy who is disobedient in class or at home will find it difficult to attend with affection and understanding. Is. And giving a cold response is even worse,” recommends the psychologist.

Thus ‘A Healthy Mind Begins in Childhood’ becomes a powerful counseling tool for families and professionals alike. “Teachers are called upon to handle matters in which colleges and they are charged with a lot of responsibility but they are not given any support compression guidelines“, says Villanueva. “Kids spend a lot of time in school and it’s difficult for teachers to talk about these issues,” says Arana.

certain mental health disorders

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Suicide is a serious public health problem worldwide, with serious consequences for families and society in general. In Spain, according to INE data, 2021, suicide is the leading external cause of mortality between the ages of 15 and 29, above traffic accidents.

Understanding the causes and circumstances is a priority in effectively preventing suicidal behavior. If on the contrary, hides and silences this realityWe would stop helping the many teens who need our help today, whether as health professionals, parents, teachers, communication agents, or friends.

Recurra Ginso has seen over the past year how calls received have increased suicide and suicide risk profiles of boys and girls, Outpatient Treatment and Admission between.

self harm

16-18 per cent of adolescents have self-harmed on some occasion, with an age of onset of 11 years.

Self-harm usually involves wounds to the skin Cortes shallow but painful, bleeding and oozing Markalso called ‘Cutting, The person usually does it repeatedly and without intent to commit suicide. The most common areas are the forearms, legs and abdomen.

They are usually performed for a variety of reasons, seeking the reduction of suffering; as a means of expressing pain or anger and as a way self punishment, Sometimes it is also a way of punishing the parents, but they are always in deep pain and lack the resources to manage it.

risks of new technologies

In 2018, Yunis found that most Spanish girls and boys habitually use Internet And according to their report on the digitization of childhood, they always start at a young age. Now, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, their time in front of screens, their socializing and their leisure via the Internet and social networks have increased. so they need the company and guidance of their adults With reference to the safe, responsible and beneficial use of new technologies for their development.

New technologies open up a new world of possibilities, but also carry many risks, such as exposure to inappropriate content, network addiction, lack of privacy and hate speech. Strengthening the digital literacy of youth is essential to prevent potential problems.

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