A hailstorm completely destroyed this Tesla Model 3 (glass roof included)

las hailstorm They are one of the biggest fears for any user of a car or motorcycle, especially if the vehicle in question is a new challan. Earlier this August, a severe hailstorm struck somewhere near the Canadian city of Red Deer, with one of the vehicles affected was a Tesla Model 3.

The incident happened specifically on August 1, as announced by Russell Osborne, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 in question, and as can be seen in the images, it was not the only vehicle that succumbed to the hailstorm.

Overall, according to the juice, The hailstorm lasted just over 10 minutess, and affected more than 70 nearby vehicles. This should come as no surprise, as some of the impacts on this Tesla Model 3’s bodywork and windows show that the hail has reached sizes larger than a tennis ball.

Despite the predominance of the hail effect, it is acceptable to state that despite start to crack and leak waterBoth the windows and the glass roof of Russ’s Model 3 remained this way because they didn’t break.

However, both the front windscreen and roof began to throw glass shavings into the interior, so if the storm lasted longer, I might have died, Luckily Ras was traveling alone at that time.

In Spain, this type of hailstorm usually lasts more or less, although by no means does it usually last more than 10 minutes. When they are, they’re usually mild, so they usually don’t leave marks on cars, although when they do, it becomes a real headache, not so much for the insurers, but for the insured themselves. Because insurance companies insure generally do not cover damage caused by atmospheric events or natural disasters. In these cases, it is common to Insurance Compensation Association.

In an article we published earlier, another Tesla Model 3 was the hero, although this time instead of drinking more or less with Solvency, the unit in question lost its rear bumper when entering a pool of water at very high speed . built on the road.


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