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A key question to detect the “mystery disease” in students who miss class every month

Spain Becomes The First Country In Europe To Recognize Sick Leave Due To Menstruation.  Photo: Canvas

Spain becomes the first country in Europe to recognize sick leave due to menstruation. Photo: Canvas

If a student repeatedly misses classes on certain days of the month, it is necessary to know if it is related to his months. If the answer is recommendations are to rule out endometriosis. This will not only relieve pain, vomiting, diarrhea, severe headache, painful contractions, and even spells, but it will prevent the disease from creeping up and preventing it. one of the least missed effects: infertilitysince it accounts for up to 40% of cases in which women want to be mothers and cannot achieve it.

This was done by Andrea Crichigno, already 50 years old. Her diagnosis of endometriosis took seven years and when she operated on “an ovarian cyst the size of a child’s head, as well as lesions of the intestine and ureter”. When she was removed, she recalls, “I officially lost my tubes and was infertile. I did treatments later, but I’m not pregnant.” Andreas is a member of the Endoherman group and says that she accompanies other women to give meaning to everything she had to go through.

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for the rest of the day, that is World Endometriosis DayThe Endo-sisters will meet at 6:00 am in the Floral Generica and at 8:30 am in the Obelisk, which, as in 2019, will be illuminated in yellow for awareness. this disease that affects more than 10% of Argentine women, that is, about one million.

Endometriosis is a benign disorder that causes abnormal growth of the endometrium outside the uterus.. These foci or implants may reside in the peritoneum, ovaries, or deeper in the bladder and intestine. They are very rarely found outside the pelvis, such as in the lungs. The disease has no cure, but there are treatments that can cure it better. It is not always easy to approach them because the illness often takes eight to twelve years.

“The endometriosis It is also called an enigma disease. says Antonio Martínez, who directs the Mendoza Institute of Reproductive Medicine. In some women, there is a flow of menstruation into the abdominal cavity, which infuses the menstrual blood and produces and reproduces.

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Javier del Longo, president of the church Argentine Society of Endometriosis (SAE), adds that it is “a chronic, relapsing, benign disease that responds to hormonal stimulation and is reduced to its minimum expression in menopause.” The doctor, who was born and practices in Posadas, Misiones, adds that the cells that are abnormally born outside the endometrium have a structural defect that prevents their apoptosis: that is, they “die”, but they don’t.

he showed up in the morning

Most women with endometriosis have seen their own symptomswith phrases like “It will go”, “Psychic”, “If you have a child, it will be solved…”

“If menstruation is painful to the point that they cannot perform daily activities, That pain is not normal and it is important to give it to yourself – Monet Inés Barañao, biologist, professor of teaching and research at SAE, Conicet researcher and director of the Laboratory of Reproductive Immunology of the Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine. It can be seen from the beginning of the periods, which is why we emphasize that it is included in the content of Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) so that parents and teachers can know if a student misses a class in any month.

In these cases, the biologist explains, it must consult with a gynecologist or a gynecologist who knows the disease. “SAE has a federal board of specialists. Many treat in public hospitals and have social services coverage and headquarter. A few days ago we had a meeting in the Ministry of Health to locate a guide for diagnosis and treatment. It is essential to mature to detect the disease and provide the right medicine”, he affirms.

Del Longo adds that in 40% of cases of women diagnosed with endometriosis in adulthood had suffered severe pain before the age of 15 and 70% before the age of 19.. “It is very important for teachers to know that the menstrual period should not be harmful,” he emphasizes. It may be a pain, but not a pain that is simply absent from the beginning.

Antonio Martínez, who is a member World Endometriosis Societyaffirms the disease increases. “Our grandmothers had menarche before 14, later than now,” he said. They got married as teenagers and conceived, then they only breastfed and gave birth for more than a year without menstruating. And then they began to ovulate and the second pregnancy came. This means having fewer periods between menarche and menopause. Now women are looking for a child from the age of 35 and beyond: there are periods every month for 20 years and this increases the risk. Another cause of contamination is in water, air, and food.

With Good Treatment, The Quality Of Life Of 80% Of Patients With Endometriosis Is Improved

With good treatment, the quality of life of 80% of patients with endometriosis is improved

Barañao agrees with respect to the higher frequency of endometriosis in urban areas, when stress and pollution are associated. He thinks that the disease does not increase, but diagnoses and, as women delay maternity, it generates more symptoms and infertility.

Treatments for everyone

Until a few years ago, endometriosis was diagnosed by laparoscopy, an intervention with minimal incisions. Today it is a clinical diagnosis.

“The first line of treatment is drugs to relieve pain and inflammation, then cycle drugs with contraceptives to avoid menstruation or to reduce menstruation. Contraceptives are low-dose and can be given continuously. There are other more aggressive ones, such as injections that cause menopause, in more severe cases. One key is to have specialized centers in endometriosis with gynecologists, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, specialized in diagnostic images”, points out Martínez.

Barañao adds that currently the indication of contraceptives that contain only progestogen is usually preferred, which are hormones that are produced during pregnancy and keep estrogens in the vagina, which exacerbate inflammation. “But these contraceptives are expensive and the compensation system does not recognize – it is clear – and the injections are reserved for more serious conditions.”

Adds the biologist The national law called for comprehensive coverage of diagnosis and treatment. “There are laws in the city of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Chubut, Corrientes and Tucumán, but they are not regulated,” he said. The day after tomorrow, at 5:00 am, Argentine patients with Endometriosis (PAE) will meet before Congress to demand this law.

Del Longo, who is a surgeon at the Boratti Sanatorium in Posadas, affirms with good treatment the quality of life of 80% of patients is better. However, with the drug, hypoestrogenic food is important: oily fish, olive and seed oil; forest fruits, nuts and peanuts; vegetables (celery, garlic, onions, cauliflower, peppers, beets), apples (apples, oranges, red grapes), legumes, aromatic herbs and spices (gum, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric. Alcohol, proven flour, shellfish, cheese, egg whites and sausages, again, are of no use.

Laparoscopy time

Victorio Viglierchio, a robotic surgeon at the Gynecology Service of the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, explains. A presumptive diagnosis can be made with ultrasound or MRI by a professional trained to detect the disease. “Surgery is indicated for patients who do not respond to medical treatment, which are between 25% and 30% -he details-. Even in the field who wants to be pregnant and not pregnant.

The surgeon adds that laparoscopy has two goals: to improve the quality of life and to treat infertility. “It is the most difficult surgery: the foci are removed and the results depend on professional skill. If it comes back after three months, is it residual or more persistent? Did it grow back or did you have it left when you had surgery? If the surgeries are repeated, it is likely that they will be done poorly. If you do well and continue with the treatment, the disease will not come back.

He also warns Martínez about the repetition of laparoscopies. “Enough, let the other be occasional,” he asserts. In fact, we often remove tissue that does not need to be removed as part of the ovaries with unnecessary consequences for reproductive life.

Viglierchio concludes:We must teach residents, teachers, gynecologists. Most of its teachers are ignorant, as are those who make pictures. Pregnancy and lactation are effectively protected from endometriosis, because menstruation does not occur. But having a child can never have a therapeutic meaning.”

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