A limited edition 40 euro coin in honor of Leonor’s coming of age | eCONOMY

 A limited edition 40 euro coin in honor of Leonor's coming of age |  eCONOMY

The National Mint and Stamp Factory (FNMT) has closed the last borders to pay tribute to Princess Leonor for her 18th birthday. This institution will issue a collector’s coin in honor of the heir to the throne. He will do it on October 31, the day he will no longer be a minor and swear the Constitution of the Congress of Deputies. The mintage of these coins will be limited. Only one million pieces will be distributed, as established by the ministerial order that agreed to make them and put them into circulation. The regulation also establishes that the new currency will have a “face value” of 40 euros.

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Princess Leonor’s coin is made of silver and has a weight of 18 grams and a diameter of 33 millimeters. Sources from The FNMT confirm that the cost of producing this coin is somewhat higher than the usual price of silver due to its exclusivity and the demand that will occur. The price of silver is currently around 70 cents per gram.

On the obverse of the coin can be seen the face of the heir to the throne, accompanied at the top with the legend Felipe VI King of Spain and, at the bottom, Princess Leonor. The two texts will be separated by an interpretation of the Victory Cross. In addition, all this will be surrounded by a pearl pattern. On the back of the piece, you can see a copy of the Coat of Arms of the Princess of Asturias. To your right, the amount of 40 euros appears in large letters. Around the central part of the face of the coin appears: 18th anniversary of HRH the Princess of Asturias.

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The person in charge of the image that appears on the coin is the official photographer of the FNMT. From this institution they confirmed that the photo was taken “a few months ago, before the Princess went to the Military Academy of Zaragoza”, where she joined on August 17. In addition, they predicted that this coin would be successful because of exclusivity of the piece.

A month full of events

Next October, Princess Leonor will swear the flag on October 7 at the Academy of Zaragoza. A day before, he will go to the Basilica del Pilar to attend the traditional ceremony of “presentation before the Virgin”, together with his 612 first year classmates.

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In addition, on October 20 he will attend the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo, where he will talk to the winners. Finally, on the 31st he will swear the Magna Carta, as well as his loyalty to Felipe VI.


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