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A major solar flare could have a huge impact on Earth-power, from phones to the Internet!

A solar flare is a huge burst of energy from the Sun. What if we get hit directly by a major? This is how solar flares can affect us.

The Sun is essential for the survival of plants as well as humans on Earth, but this enormous energy source can also disrupt all types of technology on Earth, including the largest communication systems we have on today. are dependent! – Internet The biggest threat from the Sun are solar flares, which are powerful large bursts of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun’s surface that are sent into space at enormous speeds. Thanks to Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, which acts as a shield to shield us from the effects of rays from the Sun on a daily basis, humanity remains unaffected most of the time except for a few incidents of radio blackouts. However, these solar storms end up creating something beautiful too- auroras. However, the potential for death and destruction is much greater as a strong solar flare can lead to a large geomagnetic storm and it can destroy the Internet, mobile phones, satellites, power grids and more. ALSO READ: This Man Captured 4 Earth-Size Solar Flares With Telescope!

How can solar flares affect the Earth?

effect on power

Have you heard of the Carrington incident of 1859? The massive solar flare left a major impact on Earth, including a failed power grid. Even in the 1980s, a geomagnetic storm caused by solar flares in Quebec, Canada, suffered massive power outages, leaving millions without electricity. Similar events could happen today if a massive solar flare strikes Earth. If this happens, it will shut down the electricity grid and everything that depends on electricity will stop working.

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impact on communication

Not only electricity, but daily communication can be prevented by disrupted electricity, internet and GPS systems that we use. That includes everything, phone calls, internet, everything can be affected. And it can remain closed for months because it will take a lot of time to repair the damaged and destroyed infrastructure


While on the one hand solar flares can cause many disturbances, on the other hand it also has a good consequence. The northern lights or aurora can illuminate the skies for a spectacular view! NASA explains how the flashy light is produced in the sky at the poles. It says, “Auroras form when charged particles from the Sun are trapped in Earth’s magnetic atmosphere — the magnetosphere — and funneled into Earth’s upper atmosphere, where hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms and molecules shine through the collision. “

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