A man alerts the network that he has monkeypox while buying a scooter

A person has alerted through a social network that he has got monkeypox while buying a scooter online. And it is that, just this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) asked the gay community primarily to reduce their sexual practices, if they come from new Contact with other men. For this reason, network user Mei Rito has warned that he does not have any kind of risk relationship, but he has maintained commercial contact with the scooter seller, with whom got infected

Mei Rito, He says that three weeks ago he decided to “park the bike due to the high temperature,” to contact a guy who was selling an electric scooter via WallPop (buying and selling products online). We Agreed to meet to check its condition, specifications and adjust the price”, says the young man.

The purchase was “Great” continues to express to the user of these networks to ensure that all this, “Lor provided by the seller, who was a very nice person, Thus, after explaining its operation and other reasons for the scooter, he states that he let her try it so that he would be convinced of the purchase. After deciding it was exactly what she was looking for, Mei Rito bought it and the transaction was done.

Network user Mei Rito says that after a week, she started having fever and muscle aches. «Immediately, I thought of covid, so I had three PCRs in the following 48 hours and all with negative result”, he assures. After ruling out this viral disease, the young man decided to go to the emergency room and after several rigorous tests, they found him positive for monkeypox. “Doctors tell me that, since my sex life hasn’t changed, it’s most likely that the virus ended up in my mucous membranes after putting me on the scooter, possibly by touching the handlebars,” he says.

That’s how this young man wanted to show that contrary to what the WHO says, “It’s not gay disease because, like me, you can catch it buying products online.”


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