A man was arrested for the crime of extortion in the municipality of Dosquebradas

A man was arrested for the crime of extortion in the municipality of Dosquebradas

The subject apparently demanded money from the victims in order not to let intimate photos of the two of them go viral.

Through an anti-extortion campaign carried out by the Gaula of the National Police, a man named “Pablo” was convicted of the crime of extortion, at a time when this man received a sum of one and a half million rupees from his former partner. Pesos from the victim in exchange for not making her intimate photos viral.

It should be noted that the victim managed to make 29 transactions to the criminal’s account to the value of $10 million pesos to pay off financial demands, events that began in August of last year.

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On the other hand, the man captured today claimed to be a member of the “Cordillera” criminal group. Similarly, the perpetrator forced his victim to sell narcotics inside a commercial establishment.

This man, apparently, with an extensive criminal history, is a promoter of narcotics sales in one of the tolerance zones of the city of Pereira.

The National Police invites citizens not to fall for such tricks, and report in time to the Gaula Line of the National Police 165, and remember, I don’t pay, I report!

We will continue to exercise various operational and preventive controls in favor of your safety, and we invite citizens to inform us in a timely manner about any actions that affect coexistence and citizen security, single emergency Via Line 123, or on cell phone. No. 3143587212 of Police Intelligence Section and 3203057117 of Criminal Investigation Section.

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