This is how the building in the Punta Caratas neighborhood was left after the explosion

A loud explosion was reported around 9 in the morning. Opposite Villa Biarritz Park in Punta CaratasReported to the Ministry of the Interior. as it turned out, It was an explosion in a building that caught fire later on Leanda Patria Street on the corner of Hidalgos. They estimate that the origin of the accident was a gas boiler.

According to fire director Ricardo Riano, There are three people with serious injuries: one due to airway poisoning and two due to burns.

A neighbor on the fifth floor told the media that “There was a strange smell” few days ago. ,I was putting a partner together and I felt an impressive noise”Said the man, who suffered minor injuries and received multiple stitches.

whereas, Five people have other types of injuries. According to the police, no minor was affected.

A shot from behind. The explosion affected the entire block

Several floors of the building were destroyed., although the second and third were most affected. Besides, the blast shattered the glass of other buildings in the area. Witnesses said the explosion was felt around nine blocks.

Although the loss to the departments is almost total, the officials said that There is no structural compromise of the building, Thus ruling out a possible collapse. The park in front of the building is full of debris, glass and debris from the explosion.

Firefighters and police are working to rule out any more people under the rubble.

burnt apartment where the explosion happened