A minor and three adults killed in a shooting at an apartment in Florida

A minor and three adults killed in a shooting at an apartment in Florida

miami — One of four minors died this Tuesday in an apparent case of “murder-suicide” at a home in the town of Castleberry, north of Orlando, in the central Florida region, according to officials.

After receiving a call to the emergency number, officers from the Castleberry Police Department (CPD) found four people with gunshot wounds inside an apartment in the Cowood Court development.

Among the victims were two men, one of whom was a child and the other two were women.According to an official report.

Seminole County Fire Department paramedics, who attended the scene with agents from the Sheriff’s Office, transferred at least one injured person to the hospital, but ultimately none of the victims survived, local media reports.

According to CDP spokesperson Capt. William NasoOne of the men involved in the shooting called 9-1-1 and said he had been shot.

“Preliminary information indicates that this is a situation involving a subject who committed a third murder and then committed suicide.”Nas said in a statement.

As of now, the police have not disclosed the names or ages of the victims and the investigation is on.

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