A mother runs over her own son while trying to defend him in a fight in Miami


A Woman arrested in Miami after being run over by her own son with his truck when, in his intention to protect her, He tried to beat the children he was fighting with. said the police.

Quantavia Miltanise Samuel33 years old and born in Florida, was arrested this Monday in the case of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault according to the arrest report cited by local media.

According to the police, the incident happened on Monday, around 6 pm, in the area of ​​northwest 5th Avenue and 77th Street.

The boy studied at Jesse J. McCrary Jr. Elementary School, located at 514 77th Street in Northwest Miami, and, returning home that afternoon after classes, he realized that he had forgotten something.

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Back at school, he said, he met other boys and a fight broke out. fight among them.

The boy managed to call his mother and told her that other minors, including one armed with a gun, attacked him.

The police indicated that the woman arrived at the scene in her Toyota Rav4, approached the men who were fighting and, When he tried to hit those who attacked his son with a car, he was hit by accident.

Samuel helped his son get into the car, while the other children ran on foot and chased them home. Then, he called the police, according to the report.

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The accused sustained injuries to his son’s leg and hip who was taken to the pediatric emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.

“According to the accused, when he arrived at the aforementioned intersection area, he hit his son with the Toyota Rav4 truck he was driving,” the arrest report said. “When asked how he hit his son with the car, the defendant replied: ‘I was trying to get it away from my son.'”

Samuel was taken to jail and appeared in court on Tuesday, was formally charged with two felony counts of assault and battery. The judge set him on $15,000 bail.

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Michael Vega, spokesman for the police in the city of Miami, denied that there was a weapon involved in the dispute between the minors.

“He wanted to hit these two kids,” Vega said. “This is what we always say, when there is a problem like this, the right thing is for him to call the police (…). “If we had been there, we would have avoided it.”

The Department of Children and Families started the investigation of the case.