New turn that once again complicates your future

a new turn that once again complicates your future

Once again, all eyes are on Thailand. The test of Daniel Sancho (29 years old) is in the air but, at the same time, it feels close. With only a week left until the next oral hearing, the young man is waiting from prison in Koh Samui, where he remains isolated from everyone he knows, to show his judge the evidence that can reduce the death sentence which, in principle. requested for him.

What will be Daniel Sancho’s next trial before the judge?

He was charged with premeditated murder and hiding the body. The defense strategy, which started from Spain and was led by the lawyer Marcos García Montes, aims to emphasize that Edwin Arrieta died due to an accident and that his client, at any time, planned to end his life . To do this, and based on this strategy, a series of evidence has been collected that will be presented before the judge on December 12. Once they are given, it will determine the ‘final’ part of this process that lasted four long month. From then on, the judge can set a trial date; and this can happen in an estimated time between two and four months.

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In this new hearing, Daniel Sancho will be supported, on a mandatory basis, by the ex-officio judge given to him by the Thai justice system. After the last two ‘dismissals’ of its lawyers, the country arranged for him a new professional who seems to have reached an agreement, especially with Marcos García Montes, who established with his law firm in Spain the steps. to follow this case.

What has come out is whether Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, father and mother of the accused, will travel to Thailand to be with their child. Last time they did it, so one would think that this time, which is the last and, moreover, the one before some very sensitive days approaching Christmas, they will do it again.

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The life of complete solitude of Daniel Sancho

Without the daily visit of his mother, as he used to do in August, the life of the prisoner passes in complete solitude. Although this does not mean that he is alone. Daniel Sancho is surrounded by other defendants who don’t speak his language, as well as the police he has to deal with every day. However, if we add to the cultural differences a language that is completely unknown, the result is a recluse who remains isolated within himself.

Daniel Sancho’s family strategy: union versus individualism

There was a lot of criticism for the alleged bad behavior of the defense side. However, in front of this, a new figure emerged that was strengthened: the parents of the accused. Until now, Silvia Bronchalo and Rodolfo Sancho have been distributing the weight. On one side he was there, and on the other he was. They did not cross paths. When the actor visits her, the mother does not appear. And vice versa. But it changed after the last oral hearing, where the two parents are seen together, giving an image of unity, much stronger than we are used to. This played in his son’s favor, reinforcing the strategy set by García Montes, and making them see themselves as a family rowing in the same direction. In the past, everyone tried to reach the shore in opposite directions.

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