A new type of charging is coming to electric Volkswagens

A new type of charging is coming to electric Volkswagens and will be very useful at home

Volkswagen continues to add new functions to its cars and now it is the turn of one of the most interesting charging functions that we can have in our electric car. We are talking about bidirectional charging, or what is similar, a charging system that allows us to use the battery of our electric car as a backup at home, guaranteeing more efficient energy management in electricity and thus get the most out of our electricity. car.

As usual with every software update launched by Volkswagen, new functions or improvements are included, with bidirectional charging being one of the most important new features that comes with revision 3.5 of the software used in ID range. from Volkswagen. So this new version affects the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 models, even those that only use the highest capacity battery, with 77 kWh.

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Through this software update and using an S10 E Compact DC charger from the HagerEnergy GmbH brand, this function allows us to use our electric battery to provide energy support to a home, thus allowing us to have a solar panel with smaller batteries or a guarantee of electricity supply for those times when our renewable energy source does not satisfy the household’s own consumption. In addition, this recharging protocol also allows you to use the car as an auxiliary source of energy during an emergency, such as a blackout, still guaranteeing not to discharge the car below 20%.

Looking to the future, Volkswagen has confirmed that this new bidirectional charging feature can be compatible with multiple chargers.

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