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A past of defeat and bad fame haunts Margarita in 2024 dream

Felipe Calderón’s political group has not won a victory since becoming president of the republic in 2006, a victory that has not been able to remove the stain of alleged electoral fraud. He has followed defeat after defeat; In the mid-term elections of 2009, when he left the presidency in 2012, Pan failed to obtain leadership, with the unsuccessful candidacy of Margarita Zavala in 2018, and in 2020 when the registration of México Libre, his party project, was rejected. .

Mexico City, June 26 (however). – Deputy Margarita Zavala Gomez Del Campos Appears in some presidential elections which places him in fourth place, behind Amesta Luis Donaldo Colosio RiojasA project that has already tasted failure in the past, when In 2018 he resigned from his independent candidacy for the presidencyThere were indications of irregularities in the collection of signatures, which led to him being fined by the electoral authority.

In Zavala Gómez del Campo’s aspirations, many see her husband’s intention to continue the project, Former President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa (2006–2012), who remained silent during a six-year term Enrique Pea Nieto (2012-2018), has been critical of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorWhich on the one hand questions the security strategy, while on the other he is silent about his security secretary, Gennaro García Luna’s involvement in drug trafficking.

Calderón Hinojosa’s political group, in which Margarita Zavala is found, has not won a victory since becoming president of the republic in 2006, a victory that has not been able to remove the stain of alleged electoral fraud. In 2009, for example, calderonism It lost a majority in Congress and the governments of Queretaro and San Luis Potosí, causing for the first time in its history a Blue and White national leader, Germán Martínez Cázares, to submit his resignation due to electoral failure.

A past of defeat and bad fame haunts margarita in 2024 dream
Felipe calderón hinojosa, former president of mexico and his wife margarita zavala in 2017. Photo: diego simone sanchez, cuartoscuro

Three years later, in the 2012 presidential election, Felipe Calderón was accused of acting in favor of PRI member Enrique Pea Nieto against his co-religionist and former ally, Josefina Vázquez Mota. On that occasion, Calderón not only led Paine to leave the Presidency, he also lost Jalisco and Morelos, and drowned his party as the third political force in Congress.

What happened in Pea Nieto’s government was a silence that was in stark contrast to the controversy over his political group gaining control of the National Action Party (PAN), which he also lost. In 2014, then-senator Ernesto Cordero lost leadership of the party to Gustavo Madero, one of Calderón’s closest people, and four years later, he and other senators close to the former president were expelled.

Calderón has been critical of the efforts of Gustavo Madero, Ricardo Anaya and Damian Zepeda.

Blue and White’s support for Anaya’s presidential candidacy prompted his wife, Margarita Zavala, to renounce his extremism with Pan – the party for which he is now a deputy – and run for the presidency of the republic in 2018. move independently.

Zavala received registration in March, but his campaign did not go ahead, with voting intentions never reaching double digits. His participation was limited to a few months in which he participated in only one of the three presidential debates.

A past of defeat and bad fame haunts margarita in 2024 dream
Margarita zavala after the presidential debate in april 2018. Photo: cuartoscoro.

At the end of the same year, Calderón Hinojosa would also resign from PAN, for a renewal of the leadership of the party, in which the candidate he supported, Manuel Gómez Morín, lost to Marco Cortés, the current blue and white president.

“Since Mexico urgently needs an alternative to political participation in the creation of which new civic voices, especially young people, are already contributing, and remaining only a turning point in the pan, and the need for time, resources and organizational capacity. Destruction means what must be devoted to promoting it. Effort. With full gusto. For the reasons stated, I resign from my extremism in Pan”, Calderone said in his resignation.

The option Calderón talked about he tried to materialize with his party project: Free Mexico, which involved another defeat. They did not register to be able to participate in the 2021 contest, and on the contrary, it earned them questions by not verifying the origin of the resources they received. Zavala and Calderon went to electoral court after being denied registration, but in October 2020 the precedent determined that the group did not prove the origin of some of the contributions made by supporters during the campaign.

The election of 5 June also meant a disaster for Calderonismo, with the defeat of Pan at the hands of Morena at Tamaulipas—their group’s last stronghold. With the departure of Francisco García Cabeza de Veca, Calderonist Roberto Gil Zuarthal, Calderón’s former private secretary, Salvador Vega Casillas, Javier Lozano Alarcón, Maximiliano Cortázar Lara and Jorge Manzanera Quintana, who had established himself in government through contracts, As reported by lvaro Delgado in Cinnembergo.

Now the Calderón group has the possibility to run in a new election under the leadership of Margarita Zavala. Diary universal You remodeling They place him as one of the main candidates for 2024. Both place him as the opposition’s second-best option, behind young Monterey mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, who had barely started in politics three years ago at the hands of Movimiento Ciudadano. , but whose influence on trends is attributed to the name he inherited from his father: former PRI presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta was assassinated in 1994 during the campaign.

A past of defeat and bad fame haunts margarita in 2024 dream
Margarita zavala and felipe calderón attended the ine on 13 september to challenge the decision to deny mexico libre registration as a political party. Photo: cuartoscoro.

Zavala Gomez del Campo already knows what it’s like to compete for the presidency. In 2018 he tried it independently with no success. Due to irregularities found in obtaining support for obtaining registration from that experience, there remains a fine of 24 thousand pesos imposed by the Electoral Court of Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), after recalculating this amount from a higher one.

Although she is seen as a presidential candidate, as polls indicate, Margarita Zavala has yet to confirm her intentions.

The truth is that the deputy has leveled some allegations against her husband, Felipe Calderón, who told in 2017 Central axis that if he wins, his wife will devote herself “not to obstruct his work, not to interfere or to give any opinion, unless she asks me for advice based on my own experience and entrusts it to me.” to complete the tasks assigned to it”.

The most recent allegation occurred in the discussion of electricity reform when Morena demanded that he excuse himself from the discussion because of Calderón Hinojosa’s ties with the energy company Iberdrola. She condemned gender-based political violence at the time and voted against the initiative.

Now he has the opportunity to fight for the candidacy of an opposition that is not progressing, in which the defeat of Calderonismo could be a deciding factor.

A past of defeat and bad fame haunts margarita in 2024 dream

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