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A piece of the UK in Benidorm

What is an English day like in Benidorm? Do they keep their customs or spend their holidays “Spanish style”? The answer to the first question would be that they live as if they were in their own country. Second, not in most cases. tourism capital is a A unique pole of British tourist attraction; But also for those who make the municipality their second home. It is a piece of the United Kingdom in Spain. But it is not normal to put aside their habits, but they look for places where they do not leave their comfort zone, even if it is for them. eat typical english food To continue listening to the music they love the most.

Benidorm’s Rincón de Loix, known as the “English Zone” or “Tourist Zone”, is already a little England. Walking through its streets has long turned into walking between bars, shops, shops or even hotels. Where the signs are in English, the products on offer are most in demand by the British Or the food is focused on this type of tourist.

British in English area where locals give everything in English. Hector Source

In the tourist capital, British visitors in the month of August a . represent 32,9%, According to the latest data from Hosbeck Hotel Management. In months like June or July, or after summer, this figure rises to over 40%. To this should be added the residents who live in the city, It will register around 4,000, as well as those who spend a long period of time. Thus, most of them choose the Rincón region for their holidays, but also to establish their residence.

Immerse yourself in a little England by walking or walking along Ametlla de Mar Avenue, Gerona Street, Derramador, Philippines Avenue or Mediterranean Avenue to the nearest part of Rincon. Looking anywhere means looking for signs that are only in English or that Spanish words are much smaller than British words. ,English Breakfast Every Day”; “Take”; “Best Karaoke”; “Cold Drink”; “Fish and Chips” or “Show and Offer” There are some signs that can be read on the mask and occupations. If you don’t know English, you won’t understand some of the things they have to offer.

Hotels, bars or shops are typical of this type of tourist. But there is more. The British themselves after going to Spain for years He has set up his own business in order to offer his compatriots everything they were looking for on their trips to Benidorm. In the streets of the “English Zone” you can find pubs that rule England where the pint of beer is the protagonist and the British find their favorite food.

But what are the customs of English on a daily basis? The image that is projected of only a portion of British citizens as a drinker and in entertainment venues is only a fraction of the number of tourists visiting Benidorm. many cities come Looking for sun and affordable prices to spend your days or live a longer season. Beyond the fact that one of the most sought after points are all-inclusive trips that feature festive heroes or farewells, many Englishmen who come with their families or older people continue to Benidorm The same habits they would do at home in the UK. With one difference: nice weather.

For starters, breakfast. posters of “English breakfast” Dozens are counted in the streets. but,What Exactly Happens in an English Breakfast? Well, to drink, a tea (common English) with milk. To eat, bacon, English sausage, “beans” (beans with tomato sauce), tomatoes, toasted with butter, and grilled mushrooms. Many people don’t leave it early in the morning to start the day: “They’re very used to it, even if it’s not every day,” said Karen Maling Cowles, a member of a union of British merchants and living. in Spain for years.

“Most places offer these products, especially British ones. But Rapidly expands to Spanish businesses“, he said. Many catering establishments have added English breakfast to their offer, not only in Rincón de Loix, where most of the British people are concentrated, but also in other tourist areas such as the old town or the first line of the Levante. Association of Bars Alex Frattini from Restaurants, Cafeteria and Nightlife (Abreca) confirms this in this way: “Bars have had to start including English breakfasts beyond Rincón de Loix”., Thus he assured that It is in high demand and also represents a significant expense.: “The average is 8 euros for each breakfast”, compared to about 3-4 for the traditional breakfast that other tourists can take.

“Bars have had to start incorporating English breakfasts beyond the Rincón de Loix”

Alex Frattini – Abreca


But the British can find not only “breakfast like at home”. Lunch and dinner too. Traditional “fish and chips” or traditional roasted until sausage with mashed potatoes are on all menus in the “English Zone” bars and restaurants. Although the British eat “fast” at noon: “They usually have lunch time with a joint plate or sandwich”. Of course, always quicker than Spanish. In addition to lunch, at dinner, hamburgers or pizza reign among their requests. Yes, at dinner time. They can be seen sitting at tables in hotels or bars around 7 or 8 pm or even earlier. “Many establishments that didn’t serve so many English people this year have shifted to serving dinner to these types of tourists,” Frattini said.

There are supermarkets in the English area that sell English products. Hector Source

The search for products from one’s own country extends to supermarkets as well. ,There are specialist shops where the products are all British”, iCowles said; “They even buy home-use shampoo.” And some of those who are in the epicenter of the English region see a difference between what Spanish and English tourists buy: “They look for their products, their food and their drinks. What they love most is what they do.” Let’s find it here too”, signaled the owners of the La Orozca supermarket, located among the English businesses.

They consume more of one soft drink than the other, chips “they want with a flavor specific to them” such as bacon, barbecue or onion. “They like it spicy, they carry ham potatoes in their suitcases for their family or friends and, as a curiosity, they don’t eat sunflower seeds.” As for drinks, Beer consumed by brands that are best sold in Spain, Thus, people who spend long hours in the city “get things from here on offer, like olive oil.” Thus, according to consulted sources, hotels that focus more on these types of tourists tend to include more English food in their menus or buffets to satisfy travelers from the United Kingdom.

“They look for their products, their food and their drinks. They also find what they like most there”

Isabel Donat – Merchant


As for the stores, they “pull” Spanish brands and large chains. And a curiosity: “Women like to go to flea markets, Especially for buying bags,” Cowles explained. In addition, the clothing store in the old town is one of their favorites. As for other stores, they look to drinking establishments and tobacconists for brands that exist in their country. .

Live Music & Sports

Walking through the streets of Rincón de Loix is ​​also doing it among the posters Live “shows” or karaoke. Music is the star of many venues, especially live. The British are fans of this type of performance which has become very famous in Benidorm as well. “Covers” or shows in which a singer plays a famous performer can be seen in many places and hotels or bars advertise all kinds of performances. All written in English, of course,

Watch live sports or music, amidst customs that the British do not lose. Hector Source

“There are so many shows to choose from. Those who pay tribute to the artists are the most sought after and they love it very much.”Cowles said. The custom they do in their countries does not change: after dinner they go to the pub to watch the “show” and drink a pint of beer. “It’s the typical English plan,” he said. Many of them will continue to party in nightclubs after this first stop. a) yes, Easy to watch big TV screen in English area with any game in background. “There’s almost always football or rugby in the bars” and if “it is a custom to watch the game here in their country they don’t let it pass,” the same sources explained.

“They find the essence of their country in Benidorm. They feel at home but in another country. And that makes them feel safe here and they come back”

Karen Maling Cowles – British businessman


“They find the essence of their country in Benidorm”, Cowles summarized, adding that “it is thanks to the fact that British businesses have done so as well to offer it”. They feel that “they are at home but in another country. And that makes them feel safe here and they come back and moreover, with better weather.” And it’s confirmed by some of those tourists: “I love to come, I feel like home but in Spain. I’m so happy,” said one tourist about shopping in a store. English products are also seen on the shelves in the shops. Some of them focus on celebrations such as Saint Patrick or they even feature the flag of the UK.

But Benidorm has fans too. And this is confirmed by the followers of the series with the name of the municipality which is broadcast on British ITV. It’s so successful that the makers make it “Benikon” for November Where thousands of English tourists are expected to visit.

Bars and hotels offer “homage” to shows and performers in English. Hector Source

Although most Englishmen do not leave the comfort zone they find in the streets of Rincón de Loix, Increasingly they explore other areas of the city. For example, the area known as the “Basque region” is one of his favorites and he has baptized it as “Tapas alley”; That is, the “corridor of tapas”. “People who replicate in the city try and replicate the places they love the most,” Cowles said. Something that he confirmed to Abreka.

Transforming Rincon into a smaller United Kingdom has also been the work of long-term residents or people registered in the city. ,There are private British schools equal to those in England” and there is also “a small church” in Rincón de Loix where English is spoken. All this is added to the special shops or hotels where these foreign nationals feel at home. And Benidorm sometimes returns that confidence. For example, remembering the dates marked for the British people or celebrating one of their anniversaries.

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