A serial thief was arrested by SPVM


Montreal police have arrested a 26-year-old man suspected of stealing more than $105,000 worth of merchandise during at least ten break-ins in just two months.

The suspect was handcuffed on Wednesday while at his home in the Rosemont district. At the site, Montreal City Police Service (SPVM) officers found $7,500 worth of stolen items, such as laptops and clothing, which were immediately confiscated.

Investigators suspect the young man stole approximately $55,000 worth of luxury clothing from a store in the city on November 13.

But she is not only interested in expensive clothes. Banks, a restaurant, and a sports and office goods dealer were also targeted, according to evidence collected by investigators.

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The individual is said to have committed at least nine other break-ins, all occurring in November and December, including one in which he stole multiple electronic devices valued at $50,000.

The alleged thief appeared in a Montreal courthouse to face multiple charges of theft, breaking and entering, and failure to comply with conditions. He will remain in custody until the next stage of the legal process.

The police also killed two birds with a stone during their arrest because another man, aged 50, wanted to be part of the investigation of the armed attack at the thief’s house when they went there.

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