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A team of astronomers has discovered a “new Jupiter”, a giant and hellish exoplanet

They discover an exoplanet that has a range of unique characteristics to the scientific community. Why has this rocky body attracted attention?

Exoplanets are rocky bodies that have a set of characteristics in common with planets. Image: European Space Agency

Space research has seen significant investigation over the past decades. Thanks to a whole range of investments by public and private companies, we have been able to rely on a whole range of advances in the study of the universe and the origins of the universe. planets that may be habitable in the future, From time to time, the numerous expeditions sent delight us with new discoveries that are worth learning.

one of the latest discoveries directly related to a new exoplanet, which has a whole range of differences and very curious features. Known in astronomical jargon as the “new Jupiter”, it has incredibly large dimensions. A team of astronomers has managed to crack some of the keys that an exoplanet may possess that will surely be an object of study for years to come. The discovery was made possible by the use of NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

Let’s see what are the most interesting features of this curious rocky massif, why is it An important discovery for the research community And of course, to what extent are we facing an element that could be crucial to the future of humanity. This is an important advance that deserves attention to be the benchmark for future studies.

A new exoplanet that has sparked the interest of the astronomy community

It is part of the Curious Exoplanet Catalog 6,100 units analyzed by survey satellite previously mentioned. It is important to specify that the sieve has been reduced to a total of 282 units. This is because, due to their own configuration, they can enjoy some interesting characteristics from the point of view of science. Either because of their composition, average temperature, or properties of their atmosphere, they are within a program called TESS, according to information provided by

A Team Of Astronomers Has Discovered It &Quot;New Jupiter&Quot;A Giant And Hellish Exoplanet

This folded light curve model allows us to understand the velocity of this exoplanet.

Jake T from the University of South Queensland. Clarke, has been the researcher who commanded the probe that resulted in the discovery of this exoplanet. scientifically known as TOI-778B, has a radius of 1.37 Jupiter radii and is about 2.8 times as massive as Jupiter. One of its main curiosities is that it has a very fast translational movement, as it takes only 4.63 days to complete its return to the main star.

At the same time, in support of this thesis, it should be noted that its rotation speed is even more impressive. This exoplanet is moving at a speed of 40 km/s, which shows the extent to which the best data we can get in the space plane. We are facing an exoplanet that will not be studied with the intention of establishing a hypothetical base on its surface, but will allow understand the data about its existence and formation To include them in a database.

Exoplanets have been studied for decades. the key is Find a collection of rock mass with the ability Relying on a star to establish future lines of action. Nevertheless, the main objective of organizations such as NASA remains to return to the Moon and establish a colony on Mars, with a longer horizon. Are those somewhat optimistic goals? The first through third phases of the Artemis mission will be completed on course before the end of the decade. To obtain the second will be more complicated.

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