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A think tank to promote the legacy of Margarita Bly, Margarita Salas and journalist Nellie Bly

“Miss, if you are able to do it in 79 days, I will congratulate you publicly.” These are the words from Jules Verne to the young reporter Nellie Bly (pseudonym of Elizabeth Cochrane), who is beginning the challenge Reduce the 80 days it took Phileas Fogg to circumnavigate the globe In the famous novel by the French writer. He completed it in 72 days, six hours and eleven minutes. It was 1889.

Fashion, gardening and social events formed the thematic spectrum on which women in the press mostly wrote when Nellie Bailey began her activity as a journalist. He successfully crossed the framework by going to work for new york world by Joseph Pulitzer and Focus In matters of social and political importance such as women’s suffrage, World War I field coverage or gonzo journalism by infiltrating the Blackwell Island psychiatric asylum.

The report emerged from that experience. ten days in a lunatic asylum in which he denounced the conditions of the prisoners and which led to the relaunch of the film in 2019. Scaping the Mad House, The Nellie Bly Story (2019).

In 2019, well, he left us at the age of 81 Daisy Hall, Spanish scientific disciple of the Nobel laureate Severo Ochoa, who focused his career on promoting Spanish research in biochemistry and molecular biology. Professor at the Complutense and Autonomous University of Madrid, Professor at CSIC, President of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry or Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America are just some of the positions he has held in his illustrious career.

Among his greatest contributions is the determination of the directionality of the reading of genetic information and also his work as a mentor for other scientists such as María Blasco Marhuenda or Marisol Soengas.

A mixture of two contexts of science and journalism, Think tank Margarita Bailey pays tribute to both And its inspirational quality in a place rarely traveled by women in terms of tradition.

“By breaking the mold, potential emerges and that is what this space for reflection seeks to indicate, indicating to young students of journalism and communication that There are interesting opportunities for professional development “In the field of dissemination and communication of science, technology and innovation from media, agencies and technology companies and innovation spaces,” says Maria Luisa Mello, Director of Public Affairs and Regulation, DHL Express Europe and President of Daisy Bleu.

Photo By Scientist Margarita Salas.

Photo by scientist Margarita Salas.


“I entered the field of technology journalism by accident and found it to be a field full of opportunities where you never stop learning. Leading a project that helps improve the world we live in, opening up the work of women to the youngest and seeing how our action is gaining strength is very enriching. Initiatives like Margarita Bailey are needed more than ever at a time when gender inequality exists in most areas”, continues Mello.

Think Tank Wants to Impress Visibility of profiles of women scientists in the media Recovering the legacies of those who didn’t get ahead despite their accomplishments and including more sources and female references, in addition to pointing out how gender roles affect both the STEM environment and journalism and communication of these disciplines .

[Pilar Mateo, ‘top 100’ de científicas: “Los premios importantes acaban en manos masculinas”]

The initial promoters of the project are mujerescia, an online communication medium with a focus on building a women-oriented and pluralistic society; and Hotwire, the communications, marketing and public relations consultancy, and The Wrong School of Creativity.

margarita belongs to bully open to the participation of any professional, man or woman, who show interest in their causes. Currently, it has 35 members from companies in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) such as BBVA, DHL, Microsoft or Salesforce and journalists from the sector, including Alberto Iglesias, Vice President of Disruptors and Innovators (D+I). directors are included. ) in el Spanish.

“Faced with the lack of female references, it is essential to give visibility to all researchers, communicators or engineers to create an effect of admiration among the young public. Ludi García, Managing Director of Hotwire Spain, says that the objective proposed by Margarita Bally Achieving to a large extent reflects the involvement and interest of those in charge of paving the way for a new, more egalitarian world of work.

tell the future

led by information technology structural, economic and social changes which we are passing through and which continues to take shape at an unprecedented pace.

“They are the steam engines of our time and it is very important to know their mechanisms, their actors, the power structures they generate and their potential to create a better world if the right point of intervention is found,” says Ana García Huerta. , freelance journalist and former communications advisor on sustainable urban development for the United Nations.

The participation of women in these processes and a gendered vision and how they are told and disseminated is fundamental because, in fact, the digital world is being developed and built by the overwhelming majority of male programmers.

,The female gaze is excluded from technological solutions That they are going to shape the future, despite the fact that most women technologists feel less able to cope with complex developments. Why does this happen? It is already interesting to tell and contribute to understanding what mechanisms are at work in that logic and it is very scientific to point them out in order to understand and deactivate them. I can’t think of a more stimulating journalistic job”, says García Huerta.

nuria san servando, director of the Foundation for Change of La Rioja, corroborates this approximation. “We are in the midst of a revolution, artificial intelligence means a societal transformation comparable to previous industrial revolutions and we now have the opportunity to lead, build and deploy women in a new role in the 21st century. Hence the importance of movements like Margarita Balli that work to add a feminine vision to very specific areas of communication and innovation”, she explains.

A Reporter Interviews A Health Worker At A Covid-19 Vaccination Post.

A reporter interviews a health worker at a COVID-19 vaccination post.


Alexa Dieguezdigital magazine maker doubledose.s explains that “the email of a person dedicated to journalism is one approach: you look at trends, but also the prejudices and biases of society and organizations.”

Alexa’s specialty is health and she has spent years looking at the difficulties of professionals reaching leadership and decision-making positions, even A field feminized as a biosanitary,

“Above all, I see the lack of public visibility of women as expert voices in any STEM discipline. For example, I keep getting calls for events where there are no female speakers. So I started Margarita Decided to join Bally. Things have to change, I want to be a part of that change, and maybe I’m being a romantic, but I still believe in the power of journalism to bring it about.”

The composition of juries is another intriguing issue the think tank points to. on several occasions Women are not taken into account for validating merit and recognition And the message it launched with isn’t exactly instructive. “It is incredible that the organizers do not take this into account because the choice of the jury can be controlled,” says Solange Cummins, Senior Communications Manager at Microsoft Ibérica.

First report from the Margarita Bailey Observatory

Last month the first report from the Margarita Bailey Observatory was made public, a study by the think tank itself that aims to reflect The Gender Gap Still Exists in Communications and STEM Journalism,

The survey reflected the concern of many women and the inequality that is still perceived in the sector. according to the report, 61% of women believe gender is a barrier in the technical communication field and it is the youngest who think that they face the most difficulties and obstacles when entering or developing in this profession.

To go further, the study also reflected that half of young professionals up to the age of 30 feel that it is not possible to reconcile their work life with family life. Furthermore, 87% of female participants said that STEM journalism should undergo some change, compared to only 27% of male respondents.

This high proportion of women indicating the need for change reveals widespread dissatisfaction with the status of the profession among the female gender.

‘Daisy Bailey Live’

Since the start of the project two years ago, the think tank organizes the meetings Daisy Bailey LiveFive so far, which brings together journalism professionals to learn about their experiences and views on a variety of issues related to the role of women in STEM dissemination and communication.

Complutense University and the European University of Madrid have hosted two of them in front of an audience of journalism and engineering students interested in exploring the possibilities of where to direct their careers in this field.

There’s Another Issue Margarita Bailey Wants To Address existing walls need to be demolished between the scientific-technical disciplines, the social sciences, the humanities and the arts, understanding that they should not act as silos, but rather mutually influence each other and integrate practices to move forward in human-centred technology And the methods should be transferable.

“We will try to activate the dialogue in this sense at the next Margarita Bailey Live, which we will celebrate in mid-February at the European University of Madrid”, concluded Mª Luisa Mello.

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