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A TikTok in Antarctica: The story of a reporter who explores the coldest place in the world

Joseph Vásquez The messenger He traveled more than six thousand kilometers south of Lima. A dangerous passage was passed by Drake, who came from South America Antarctica. he avoided storm waves up to ten meters high. And he walked for three hours in the snow of Znosko to write a message about the new snow to the mother of his children; “Do you want to be my wife?”.

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The video immediately went viral on social media. The fact, worthy of a knight of the middle age, had a happy climax: “Yes, I accept.”

It was going to be something more personal, more familiar, but finally I was encouraged to put it on the channel and spread it nationally and through social networks.”, says the journalist from Latina, who was in Antarctica after February 4, the coldest continent on the planet.


José Vásquez is part of the Peruvian expedition team, which is traveling to a continent of eighteen million square kilometers, twice the size of South America. A group is formed of learned men and ministers from among them Peruvian NavyHe lived in the Machu Picchu research center.

English journalist tour of Antarctica

Then, the climatic behavior, the sea currents and in general human damage to the earth. Natural phenomena can be anticipated and predicted through scientific studies. which is why the Peruvian presence is so important.

A message waving the Peruvian flag in Antarctica (Photo: Richard Rubiños, Peruvian Navy)

This is the first time that a journalist has visited Antarctica and after his arrival he has told his life in the first person through Latin roads. Making a lifestyle blog. It is a new proposal. “We are the first half of what he does Ocean Eyes in Antarctica“Vásquez, author of the book “Dead or alive, what happened to Alan García on the last day?”.


Despite the weather: it reaches minus five degrees below zero this summer. “In spite of the stormy winds”that they had torn the body“. Despite the length of the day: it cannot be 20 hours of continuous light. Staying on the continent of Antarctica is calmer than you imagine.

José Vásquez in Antarctica (Photo: Richard Rubiños, Peruvian Navy)

According to the journalist, research bases of heating, electricity also have a signal Directv. The Peruvian team arrived in Carrasco by boat and brought everything necessary so that the team did not deprive the Peruvian gastronomy.

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He eats very well. We ate ceviche, lomo saltado. That is an important point at the Machu Picchu station, the day before yesterday we ate good shrimp chupe“, because

In order to move around the continent of Antarctica, the reporter must use four layers of clothing. Then, outside, you need to put on glasses and slippers. “The first outfit is a thermal thermal layer, the second is a polo shirt, polar pants, a t-shirt cover, and a jacket. well-versed“.

During the weeks that José Vásquez traveled in Antarctica, he managed to take pictures of the amazing polar fauna. “There are several species of penguins here, but there are two in this area, the gentoo penguin and the mint penguin. We have seen these two. Also the Weddell seal, the sea lion and the crab seal“.


One of the most amazing activities he did in Antarctica was sailing through the crater of an active volcano. Deception Island, which is a volcano and not an island, is the only place on the continent that is not covered with snow, but with a layer of ash.

Two extreme forces of nature meet in this place, the heat of the volcano and the icy water of the Antarctic continent.This unique experience will appear for about 30 days in a multiplatform documentary that will be broadcast on the official Latin channels.

A reporter is preparing a multi-format documentary about Latino. (Photo: Richard Rubiños / Marina de Guerra del Perú)

The reporter’s trip to the end of the world will have to show Peru’s population of global warming. “Grass is seen more and more in a place that is covered with snow“, he emphasizes. And it will also account for the importance of the Peruvian scientific base in that corner of the planet, from which the climatic effects in our country can be calculated.

Jose Vásquez will be happy about this journey that few people in the world experience to tell their children and grandchildren. And you can say for sure that there can be a flame in the middle of an antarctic storm fire of love.

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