A total of 48 postdoctoral scientists participated in the Galician research system.


total of Galician universities will add 48 new scientists to the Galician research systemas well as other R&D&I organizations and institutions for a period of three years, till 2025. As Zunta recalls in a statement, they do this under an invocation of grants for the initial postdoctoral training phase.

that’s how he picks it up Official Gazette of GaliciaWhich has published the proposals of the First Vice-Presidency and the Consularia d’Economia, Industria e Innovation y de la Consularia de Cultura, Educación.
FP and the university, by which it is resolved40 postdoctoral researchers recruited by three public universities: 22 at the University of Santiago de Compostela, 14 in Vigo and four in A Corua.

In addition eight researchers contracted for R&D&I institutions and organizations. In this case, three of them would join the Professor Novoa Santos Foundation, two would join the Fundación Centro Tecnolóxico
Da Carne, one of the Institute of Heritage Sciences (INSIPIT) of CSIC, one of the Institute of Marine Investigation (also of CSIC), and one of the Institut de Investigación Sanitaria Foundation of Santiago de Compostela.

7.4 million euro budget

They recall that the Galician government allocates the total budget EUR 7.4 million, with an increase of 7.2% for the item in relation to this type of last call.

They also highlight that beneficiaries have access to a three-year research contract with gross annual salary.
32.000 Euro, “which represents an increase of 12% with respect to
28,600 euros from the previous call”.

In addition to the annual base salary, for each month of stay—a flexible part of the contract in Galicia and abroad—, beneficiaries receive 1,000 Euros (Portugal or Andorra), a supplement of 1,500 Euros if the destination of stay is Europe (Portugal or excluding Andorra), Africa or the Americas (except for the United States and Canada) and 2,000 EUR if the destination of stay is in the United States, Canada, Asia or Oceania.

Fulbright Scholarly Status Researchers
get, old Another amount of 500 euros gross per month during each period of stay in the United States.


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