A UK hospital worker raped hundreds of corpses of women and girls over 15 years

A UK hospital worker raped hundreds of corpses of women and girls over 15 years

The investigation of David Fuller, a 69-year-old British man, began in 2020 with DNA tests. The investigations progressed and in December 2021 he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two young women in 1987 in Tunbridge Wells, a city in southeast England. But it doesn’t end there.

As part of the investigation into this double murder, police searched his home and found hundreds of pornographic images and videos of rapes carried out in the morgue of two hospitals in the southeast of England where he worked. Consequently, the accused was sentenced again in December 2022.

Now, to the life sentence without the possibility of parole he is serving for the two homicides, a 12-year sentence has been added for the necrophilia charges.

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Deficiencies in hospital management

According to the investigation, Fuller committed 140 rapes against the bodies of at least 101 women and girls – between 9 and 100 years old – between 2005 and 2020.

“The crimes committed by David Fuller are truly scandalous,” said the report made public on Tuesday. “However, the deficiencies in management, supervision, regulation and processes and the continued lack of curiosity contribute to the creation of the environment in which he can do it,” he determined.

In this way, these hospitals are accused of serious “failures” in management, failures that contributed to “the creation of an environment in which (David Fuller) was able to commit crimes for 15 years without anyone suspected of anything or caught doing his deeds. .” “.

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“This is not the only story of an electrical maintenance supervisor who is a scoundrel. David Fuller’s victims and their families have been humiliated over and over again by people at all levels charged with protecting and caring for them ,” the report said.

How can he do this in 15 years?

The British Government launched an independent investigation two years ago to understand how David Fuller could do such acts in public hospitals for a long time, without anyone noticing.

One of Fuller’s duties was to maintain the mortuary’s cooling system. The man entered the apartment frequently — up to 444 times a year, according to the investigative report — and was never questioned properly. Apparently, internally, he chose his victims by consulting the death reports and avoided choosing those who died of infection or Covid-19.

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The convicted person boldly committed his crimes during his working hours, when other employees were at their work. Investigators do not understand how he could commit violations during work hours that were not discovered and reported.

At the two hospitals in the south of England where David Fuller worked several night shifts, he was often left alone. He could have taken advantage of this circumstance to easily enter the morgue and cold storage rooms where the corpses of women and girls who died were lying.