A video in which Chiquito praises racing

“It hurts to see him with Boca”, the phrase was pronounced Victor White But it really belongs to the collective spirit. disappointment to see How Sergio Romero Announced His Arrival at Xenise It was not only from the President but from all the racing fans. But that pain immediately turned to anger. This was when Chiquito announced in his presentation: “I am a fan of racing, but I am indebted to the biggest club in Argentina, Boca”, Many people on the social network were downloaded for the phrase against the goalkeeper, which he branded as selling smoking.

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And anger and frustration at Avellaneda for Chiquito’s unhappy and unnecessary statement a video of the goalkeeper quickly went viral on the network, only a week earlier, when he was training at the club to be physically ready. Incidentally on Tita property where training pitch 1 has his name. In a greeting after a note to a supporter, he mentioned racing “Show this club is the biggest in the world and let’s go with everything”. What do we have left then?


Even though Blanco has actually done everything necessary for Romero to return to the club (it seems odd considering that Racing doesn’t need a goalkeeper) Gabriel Arias and Chila Gomez on campus) and some short circuit that could have existed between the president and the goalkeeper, what disturbed the racing was a declaration of love for Boca. “I think the club’s doors will be closed for a while”off white.

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To add controversy to the subject, The goalkeeper’s wife Eliana Guercio uploaded a post to her network in which she assured that her husband never received a specific offer from Racing.


Romero's partner Ileana Guercio.

Romero’s partner Ileana Guercio.



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