A woman who hit a cyclist and caused his death has been sent to prison

A woman who hit a cyclist and caused his death has been sent to prison

Pedestrian Aureol Gray struck and pushed cyclist Celia Ward as she approached with her bicycle.

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The incident happened in Huntingdon, United Kingdom, with a 49-year-old woman known as Aureol Gray. It was captured by closed circuit television at the time when she became angry, hurled insults and angrily waved her arms at the 77-year-old woman. He was known as Celia Ward, who was approaching him on a bicycle.

At the moment when the two women collided, Aureol was disturbed because the cyclist was on the pedestrian platform; he pushes her, and causes Celia to lose control and fall in the road where other cars are passing; hit one of these vehicles. Celia was pronounced dead.

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Aureol Gray was condemned to three years’ imprisonmentafter Peterborough Crown Court judge said the actions committed by this woman “Their infirmity cannot be explained”When Aureoli’s lawyer had a wife cerebral palsy, making her partially blind. In addition, the same Judge declared that the platform was where he was going a common road for horsemen and pedestrians.

Although for the judges of Aureoli He was not honest in his testimony of things and He does not regret itWell, after the accident, the 49-year-old woman left the scene unexpectedly and went to the supermarket to buy groceries. it was destroyed by his condemnation.

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“She was shocked and devastated by the result. Her lawyer tried desperately to get her out of bail through the appeals process.but the petition was unsuccessful,” explained Miranda Moore, Auriol’s lawyer.

In the meantime, Celia, the orphan’s widower, spoke in a speech, recited before the court by the prosecutor, Simon Spence. He reported the pain he feels for the loss of his wife and that the last moments of his life, recorded on a security camera, will haunt him forever.

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