Abhishek said 'Aishwarya is raising her daughter alone', know what both are teaching Aaradhya – abhishek bachchan said aishwarya handled his daughter all alone

Abhishek Bachchan said that Aishwarya took care of her daughter alone
Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya has now grown up and you must have seen her pictures in the media. Wherever Aaradhya goes, Aishwarya is with her and whatever event Aish attends, Aaradhya is with her. It has been reported many times in the media that Aish never leaves his daughter’s hand.

Abhishek said ‘Aishwarya is raising her daughter alone’, know what both are teaching Aaradhya

Now in an interview, Abhishek told that it is his mother’s responsibility to raise Aaradhya and Aaradhya spends most of the time with her mother. Abhishek said that Aaradhya listens to her mother a lot and she also likes to stay with her mother, hence she has given the responsibility of her daughter to Aish.

Can’t give time

Abhishek told that due to his work he is not able to give much time to his daughter, hence Aaradhya stays with her mother most of the time and she also likes it very much, hence he has handed over the responsibility of raising his daughter to Aish. Has been kept.

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I want to become a good person

Abhishek said that both he and Aish want to make their daughter a good person and are teaching her how she can become a better person. Abhishek said that Aaradhya has a calm and polite nature and he gives full credit for this to his wife Aishwarya. Know further some special things about Aishwarya Rai’s parenting which can be useful for you too.

Are protective

Aishwarya is very protective of her daughter and is sometimes called an overprotective parent. This is because wherever Aish goes, she holds her daughter’s hand and does not let her go away from her even for a moment.

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Mom is a girl

Generally boys are called mumma’s boys when they live with their mothers but here the situation is a little different. Here Aishwarya is seen everywhere holding her daughter’s hand. On this, it would not be wrong to call Aaradhya a mother’s girl and now even Abhishek himself has said that Aaradhya likes to live with her mother more.

Tip for parents

It is wrong for Aishwarya to be overprotective of her daughter and even experts consider it wrong. If you are also overprotective of your child, then you should change this habit. Due to this, children do not become self-reliant and become dependent on their parents.

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