Abinader, Biden and Haiti

Abinader, Biden and Haiti - Barrigaverde.net

The Republican leaders in the US are brutal. The clever and crafty democrats. But equally aggressive, or more so. The Biden administration chose to handle the military invasion of Haiti with care and skill. It started with a low profile, as if it was reluctant to invade; and in making pro-intervention requests, he took advantage of the attitudes of the governments of Haiti and the DR, encouraging Abinader to lead the request.

When the ultraconservative monstrosity of the Lima Agreement fell apart, he helped form the DR-Panama-Costa Rica trio… called the Alliance for the Development of Democracy. Next, he joined three, they included Lasso, from Ecuador, and they all danced with Abinader the anti-Haitian merengue for the military intervention in Haiti and the anti-Sandinista music of the country. The five brought the matter to the CELAC meeting, which was chaired by Lasso.

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At the same time, António Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, showed his loyalty to the mission agreed by Biden and the imperialist powers of Europe, which includes the progressive granting of the request for “the pacification of Haiti by a multinational force. ”

The delay was not due to doubts about the decision to invade, but to the difficulty of a design in which black soldiers, especially African and Caribbean, would take the lead. Thus they insisted on perfecting and improving that model in which Brazil was put forward and the Latin and black soldiers of North America were first within the group.

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From this “defective” experience, and from the attitudes of the overwhelmed Haitian gangs armed in the United States, the idea of ​​thinking about Africa and the insular Caribbean for selection seems to have arisen; Because of this, they proposed to soften CARICOM and choose Kenya to lead it.

In the course of this new dynamic, the submissive support of Abinader and Roberto Álvarez for the designs of the White House stood out. The Chancellor was more of the empire than of his colony; kind of back and forth.

Finally Biden showed his face and presented to the Security Council a draft resolution in favor of the multinational force and military invasion of Haiti under the invisible command of the United States, hidden behind Kenya.

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“I am asking the Security Council to allow this mission today. The people of Haiti cannot wait any longer,” said Joe Biden; and a few minutes later, swift and swift, Abinader supported him; it is very certain that the UN has ceased to be a factor in favor of peace and self-determination of the people, dedicating itself to accompanying the massacres of NATO and the Pentagon. The US and Ecuador disguised the resolution of the invasion.


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