Abraham Sepulveda School recognizes the winner of the Stories of Our Earth Story Contest

In an emotional act of recognition of the outstanding students of the first semester, the management of the Abraham Sepulveda School honored the 5th grade student, Amaro Castillo González, who won the 2nd regional place in the History of Our Land competition, the short story category 14 years.

The competition, which is organized every year by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Foundation for Communications, Training and Culture of Agriculture, FUCOA, aims to preserve, protect and disseminate the oral tradition and cultural heritage of the rural world.

A large number of students from various educational establishments participate in the Atacama, however, one of the main participations is that of the Abraham Sepulveda School in Copiap District, by its 5th, 6th and 8th grade students who receive each year submits work. At least one regional category award.

In this regard, Riccardo Zamora Hidalgo, the regional ministerial secretary for agriculture, explained that “during these months we mainly encourage educational establishments to participate, because we are not only interested in discovering small talents, but also want to know the stories of their grandparents. , uncles or parents. who are part of the traditions of our region, in order to spread them and maintain them over time, in this sense, the Abrahamic Sepulveda school always supports us, as does the Liceo de Musica. We hope that in this 30th edition, as a region, we will receive a national award for stories under the age of 14.

For his part, Javier Santos González, Director (S) of the Abraham Sepulveda Pizarro School said that “we are delighted that one of our students has won this competition, it is a constant motivation for our students to participate in all competitions. It even has to do with our region’s own programs, whether in agriculture, short stories from the north and all the options presented to us.”

FUCOA publishes two books annually that contain the best works participating in each edition of the competition. In addition, all works received are distributed to the FUCOA Fund in the National Library of Oral Literature and Popular Traditions Collection, where they are consulted by both researchers and the general public.

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