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Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘Abusive remarks on other religions mean sowing seeds of hatred’: Relief after apology to poison-spewing Christian preacher

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The Madras High Court has revoked the FIR lodged against Christian preacher Mohan C. Lazarus by reprimanding him. A single bench of Justice Anand Venkatesh while hearing the case said that making derogatory statements about any other religion means sowing seeds of hatred. The court said that in a pluralistic society there should be tolerance and respect for other creeds.

Lazarus is the founder of the institution called ‘Jesus Redeemus Ministry’. He apologized for his statement, following which the FIR lodged against him was quashed. During this, the court told him that he has the right to preach for his religion, but there are some limitations so that others are not insulted. The court also condemned the statement of the Christian preacher. High Court In your comment said:

“Poisoning against a religion / creed, or spreading hatred towards another sect in the minds of people of one sect – all of them violate the purpose of religion. Religion has been made a medium under which human beings can move towards the higher level of truth and develop. The petitioner claims to be his follower worldwide. There are millions of people who follow him and believe his words blindly. “

The court said that if it makes any statement that there is an intention of insulting another sect, it will spread hatred in the society. The court also reminded that influential people of every religion have the ability to influence the internal development of a person. The court said that spirituality is not a competition to show that our religion is superior to yours.

During this, Justice Anand Venkatesh also reminded the words of Jesus Christ, in which he has spoken of not insulting any other sect. He said that people espouse superstition towards some religious ideas and degrade others. He emphasized tolerance towards all religions, defining secularism in India. He also expressed concern that the influence of fundamentalists and misunderstandings is increasing in the society.

Mohan C. Lazarus made a controversial statement against Hinduism and idolatry. This case was related to his statement given in 2016. Lazarus considers the tsunami to be God’s anger against idolaters. He has been blaming idolatry for the poverty in India too. Mohan C. Lazarus, born in a Hindu family, claims that he became a Christian after his heart ailment was cured.

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